Crafting effective dental websites can drastically impact the success of dental practices, inspiring potential patients to book appointments and providing invaluable resources. Simply having a dental website for your practice isn’t enough. You need to have an exceptional dental website design because that’s precisely what both current and potential patients expect from you. It’s even more imperative for those searching for a new dentist – they look towards quality websites as proof of trustworthy service. If you fail to give your customers the insight they need, they’ll quickly move on to another website – one of your competitors’ websites. Hence, you must keep people engaged and informed by providing comprehensive information on what they are searching for. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the most important (and often most overlooked) pages every dental website needs and the importance of having a website for your dental clinic. 


Why is a website for dentists important?

For a long time, numerous medical and dental professionals have avoided investing in marketing their practices. They believed that if they advertised themselves, it would make them appear to be desperately seeking patients or as if they were having difficulty scheduling appointments. In the past, medical practitioners relied primarily on word-of-mouth referrals to attract new patients. This was a successful method; however, it has decreased in impact over time. To stay up with emerging trends and technologies, healthcare providers must seek out alternative ways to engage their target audience today. Although many medical experts already have an online presence with their websites, there is still a need to understand better how to market one’s practice effectively. Even some doctors are still determining if they should invest in creating a website. Nevertheless, having access to the digital world can be invaluable when it comes to gaining more patients and expanding your reach, as well as brand recognition. For those still on the fence about how useful a professionally-designed website and corresponding digital strategy could be, here are seven convincing reasons why investing in these tools may prove advantageous. 


Your website is always accessible, providing reliable information and resources around the clock

Your website never takes a break – it is always available for potential customers to learn about your practice! Make sure to have content that informs individuals of the services, team members, facilities and more. Don’t forget to include often-asked questions, such as insurance coverage and treatment costs too.

helps online presence website dentist sydney mediboost australiaHaving this information readily accessible on your webpage will ensure they feel informed when considering you and your business. If you want to make it easier for those trying to contact you, a simple form is the way to go. Additionally, if including a phone number in your information, ensure that there is an option available for voicemails as well. However, even better?

Investing in an answering service so that a live representative and any messages answer incoming calls will be promptly forwarded straight to yourself on the next business day — allowing you more time and ease when interacting with patients! 


Calculate your return on investment with ease

If you’re looking to monitor the efficiency of your campaigns and gain a better understanding of return on investment, few services can compete with Google Analytics. This powerful platform offers an unparalleled look into who is visiting your website, plus insight into how they interact with the content once there. With such detailed analytics available at a glance, optimising for success has never been easier. By combining your data with other analytics, you can evaluate the number of leads (or potential patients) engaging with your office and compare them to how many new patients have made scheduled appointments. 


Your competitors are doing it

It’s a relief to understand the internet is on no account going anywhere. Online marketing will remain an integral aspect of businesses for the foreseeable future and beyond. While things may alter over time, this should not be a deterrent to taking advantage of all that digital marketing offers. Your competition is actively marketing its practices online, leaving you behind and disadvantaging your business. Don’t take yourself out of the race – having a website will greatly enhance the visibility of your enterprise. 


Regulate your digital persona

Nothing is worse than when a dentist or doctor comes to us because there are negative reviews of them online. If you don’t have a website, you have no alternative for prospective patients to learn about you other than a negative review. A website won’t solve a reputation management crisis. Still, it will mitigate the effects by presenting your brand how you want it to be represented instead of by one or two unhappy patients.


Investing in Internet marketing is a cost-effective decision that can yield substantial rewards

It’s no secret that you get what you pay for, but internet marketing stands out from other forms of advertising as a cost-effective and tracking tool. Comparatively speaking, magazine ads can run up to thousands of dollars per issue yet offer minimal ability to monitor their results. By contrast, online marketing is not only budget-friendly, but also available monitoring capabilities lend themselves well to assessing its success rate.

providing reliable info dental website sydney mediboost australiaWhen marketing your practice online, the largest expense will be allocated towards building a website. But don’t worry – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), and Social Media are all customisable to meet any budget or target. With these strategies in place, you can easily reach more customers than ever before.

A good financial advisor can help you diversify your portfolio to maximise profits and mitigate risks. Similarly, a trusted marketing company will assist in creating an optimal strategy that builds on current successes while exploring new opportunities for growth—all with the aim of ensuring maximum ROI. 


If you don’t have an online presence, you won’t be discovered

Every single day, a staggering 5+ billion searches are done on Google alone. Most users report that they always or almost always find the information they’re looking for when using search engines. Without an online presence in the form of a website, it is highly unlikely internet users will be able to locate and learn about your practice with ease—making it difficult to reach potential customers and grow your business. 


Strengthen your credibility and gain the reliability of your clients

Nowadays, consumers are more likely than ever to research a product, service or organisation online before visiting the physical store. Even customers who have been recommended by friends and family members typically take time out of their day to verify it on the web before coming to any conclusions. With easy access and convenience provided by technology, going digital is becoming an increasingly popular option for shoppers everywhere.

Your website should reflect the atmosphere of your physical office. Utilise consistency in regard to branding visuals and messaging; feature real photos of your location and personnel. As you can only make a first impression once, be sure that your online presence is an accurate representation of who you are as an organisation. 


Without a doubt, having a website is essential

Investing in a polished website, as well as hiring an experienced firm to craft a long-term digital marketing strategy, will undoubtedly provide valuable returns. After all, you reap what you sow; if you take your web advertising efforts seriously, the rewards will be evident. 



Step 1: About us

After analysing and collaborating with dentists from all over the United States, I’ve determined that the second most viewed page on dental websites is often their “About” page. Nobody wants to enter a clinical environment without assurance due to how personal and intimidating such an experience can be. So what’s more important than knowing which dentist you should go for? How do potential patients separate one practitioner from another? What pushes them into scheduling their very first appointment?

The “About” page can prove to be the key differentiator for prospective patients. On it, they get a chance to gain insight into their potential dentist’s education and experience, as well as certifications and notable awards that are held by them. Plus, they also discover more about their personal background too.

Your about us page must include

  • Showcase pictures of you and your team to make a personal connection with patients.
  • Utilise bullet points so vital information can be easily found by visitors.
  • Explain your dentistry philosophy, as well as fun facts about yourself, such as hobbies or anything that makes you unique.
  • This will give readers an insight into who you are outside the workplace.


Step 2: Payment Methods

Prospective patients are undoubtedly frustrated when they find the perfect dentist, call to make an appointment, and learn their insurance isn’t accepted. Put a stop to this disheartening experience by prominently displaying your “Payment Method” page on your website! Not only will it keep these frustrations away from the start, but also significantly reduce time spent explaining payment methods and policies to front desk staff.

Make sure prospective patients know exactly what forms of payment your practice accepts by giving them clear, concise information. From listing the types of insurance you accept (and those you don’t) to outlining whether or not you take credit cards and -being transparent about all applicable fees associated with each option. Additionally, consider offering a cash discount or instalment plans for low-income patients in need. Use images like well-known credit card logos and insurance company seals to give your page an inviting feel as visitors learn more about their payment options. 


Step 3: New Patient Special

Your “New Patient Special” page is your chance to make a luring proposition that prospective patients can’t turn down. The lifelong value of an individual dental patient could be massive (potentially tens of thousands of dollars when you include referrals), so don’t hesitate to be generous with your new patient specials.

essential website dental clinic sydney mediboost australiaHowever, be sure not to go too far. You don’t want the “Groupon Effect” where your practice becomes inundated with bargain hunters who are merely seeking a discount – without any genuine commitment or loyalty to your services.

Make sure not just to mention your new patient special on the homepage of your practice but create a dedicated page and utilise SEO strategies to help it rank higher in Google searches. You can also use this page as an ideal landing spot for any online advertising campaigns from Google Adwords or Facebook ads.

Optimise your “New Patient Special” page

To ensure your promotional efforts are effective, keep them brief and catch your audience’s eye. Additionally, offer specials that provide value to both you and the potential new patients. Instead of a free cleaning which may not lead to long-term patient loyalty, consider offering a discounted first exam with complimentary X-rays instead. Test out seasonal or different promotions to see what yields the greatest results. 


Step 4: Location/Hours

Make it simple for both existing patients and potential new ones to quickly find your practice’s location(s) and operating hours. Ensure that you keep your “Location” page up-to-date with the best practices so everyone has access to this essential information.

Make it easy for customers to find you by embedding a Google Map that they can zoom in and out of. Highlight any special days when your business opens early or closes late so people aren’t caught off guard. Feature clickable phone numbers on mobile devices –– some prefer the convenience of emailing their queries instead. 


Step 5: Appointment page

Offering online appointments is a great way to benefit both your patients and staff. By doing this, you can reduce the amount of time spent scheduling phone calls; moreover, it makes booking an appointment easier for your patients since they don’t need to make any phone calls in order to do so.

  • Design a form that requests only the information your practice requires. Your staff can then analyse the submitted appointments, finalise them and verify them with patients.
  • Consider installing automated systems that display available appointment times to ease up on scheduling processes for both you and your patients.
  • To ensure safety in cases of emergencies, offer emergency contact details where applicable – such as dental or medical assistance advice if necessary.
  • After submitting an appointment request, redirect patients to a ‘Thank You’ page which should specify what comes next: Will they receive a confirmation email? Would someone call within two hours? 


Step 6: Testimonials

practice dental importance websites sydney mediboost australiaShowcasing encouraging reviews and testimonials is the ultimate way to promote your dental practice. By constructing a “Testimonials” web page, you can display some of your favourite customer endorsements, which will reassure potential patients that they are making an informed decision by choosing to visit you.

  • For maximum impact on your Testimonials page, combine visuals with customer reviews. This could be in the form of pictures and videos to go along with their feedback.
  • Make sure you engage existing patients by running a review-driven contest! Ask them for their opinion on your dental practice alongside an image; offer something special like an electric toothbrush or a free teeth cleaning service as the prize for participating.
  • Provide prospective patients direct access to Yelp and Google Plus pages so they can explore more positive comments about you first-hand. 


Step 7: Services Pages

Are you a master of children’s dentistry? Or is your expertise in cosmetic procedures? Maybe laser periodontal treatments are something that you offer with the promise of less pain whatsoever. Whatever it may be, create and dedicate a page to each primary service that you provide! Not only can these pages rank high on Google search results, but they also serve as great landing pages for any digital advertising or marketing campaigns.

If you want to highlight the services your practice offers, don’t cram all of them onto one page. Rather, create separate pages that focus on a single service so you can go into greater depth and establish an effective connection with potential clients. You must also make it evident what sets your business apart from other dentists in the area; explain why patients should choose you for their dental needs.

Finally, each page should answer four essential questions:

  1. What is this particular service?
  2. Who requires it?
  3. What special features or bonuses does our practice offer?
  4. How can people contact us (by phone call, email etc.) to take advantage of these benefits?

A modern dental website is an invaluable resource for both patients and the dental office, connecting them with one another. It provides all of the information prospective clients need to make educated decisions about their oral health, from available treatments to what they can expect during appointments. On top of that, it helps manage your practice’s online presence – it’s essentially a powerful tool for capturing potential customers’ attention and fostering growth in your business.


Struggling with constructing your website? Let Mediboost lend a helping hand. Our team is eager to assist you in making the dream of having a successful online presence come true. Contact us on 1300 163 058 today




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