Using online marketing to generate traffic on your website can provide your dental clinic with opportunities to turn online visitors into patients. A well-designed dental website offers helpful content that addresses patient concerns and leads them to book a consultation with a dentist. Effective digital marketing campaigns can help potential dental patients discover your clinic, increasing awareness and attracting more people to visit your site.  

Find out how to increase website traffic with Mediboost’s dental marketing services to improve your online reputation and search engine rankings and increase your patient base. 


Ensure Your Website is Fast, Accessible, and Easy to Navigate

People judge the attractiveness of a website within 50 milliseconds of visiting. Poor website design and slow loading times can prevent dental sites from gaining valuable website traffic. You can make your dental website appealing to potential dental patients with efficient navigation and a fast-hosting host provider. 


dental websites improving online reputation sydney mediboostKeep Your Site Simple

Your site should make it easy for people to find the information they need and contact your clinic.

Keeping your website simple and clean means providing a transparent navigation bar with links to service pages and blogs so visitors can quickly find the links they need, such as appointment booking or dental service descriptions. 


Use a Fast Hosting Website Host Provider

Use a web host with a high uptime rate to ensure your website is always up and running when people visit it. A fast hosting provider will also improve your site’s speed, making it more appealing to potential patients and helping generate traffic on your website.


Use a Responsive Design for Mobile Devices

A responsive website design automatically adjusts its layout and content to fit the visitor’s device, such as a tablet or smartphone. A responsive design platform allows your dental website to work seamlessly for people browsing it on any mobile device. 


Optimise Your Dental Website with Relevant Keywords

Your website should contain relevant, high-intent keywords that will help potential dental patients find you when searching on Google and other search engines. It is important to research keywords relevant to your practice’s focus and accurately describe your services. 

For example, your website content might include the keyword “kids dentist” if you are a general dentist providing dental care to young children. 

Adding longtail keywords can help you target people searching for specific products and services. Since these keywords are detailed and precise, they attract more clicks and drive more website traffic

For instance, a dental patient might want to know what causes a cavity or how to treat it. You can create content centred around a longtail keyword, “how to tell if you have a cavity”, to educate them and learn more about your services.



Create Informative and Evergreen Content

Your dental website’s content should be helpful and evergreen so potential dental patients can learn more about your practice, services, and the dental team. Having more evergreen blog posts and articles on your website can help you increase your website’s visibility. 

For example, a blog post about proper flossing techniques is valuable because it can increase the likelihood of new website traffic that want to learn how to floss correctly. 

You should always include links to other service pages and blog posts when writing content for your site. Internal links help visitors stay on your site longer and get more value, improving your site’s authority on specific topics and creating more website traffic


Incorporate Video to Generate Traffic on a Website

Video creation is essential in your digital marketing strategy to increase traffic to your dental website. Video marketing builds trust with potential patients who may have questions about specific procedures and treatments.

dental digital marketing services traffic dental website sydney mediboostVideos can show potential dental patients what they can expect during their appointment. They can learn about their treatment options before they arrive at your clinic to reduce anxiety or help them pinpoint additional questions they have.

In an explainer video, you could show how your dental office manufactures dental crowns on-site. Including relevant keywords in the video’s title, description and file name can help drive more traffic to your site.

Plus, you can add a link to your website at the end of the video so incoming website traffic can learn more about your practice and dental services on your website. 


Make the Most of Your Google Business Profile

You can attract more potential dental patients with an active Google My Business (GMB) profile when they search for dentists in their area. Ensure your profile is up-to-date with necessary information like your address, phone number, office hours, and link to your website.

Your GMB profile can feature extensive business photos, such as exterior and interior images of your practice, to increase website traffic. According to Google, businesses with pictures in their profiles have 42% more directions requests on Google Maps and 35% more clicks to their websites than businesses without photos. 


Harness Social Media Marketing to Promote Your Dental Site

Social media digital marketing campaigns help generate website traffic and promote your website. Remember to frequently update your dental practice’s social media accounts with photos, videos, articles, and other helpful information about dentistry that would interest potential dental patients

For example, you can create posts that simplify common jargon in dental procedures, diseases, and conditions into understandable terms. 

You can also post your videos and links to your blog posts on social media sites like Facebook. Add hashtags at the end of your posts so that more people can find your videos and share them with others interested in what you offer.


Generate Traffic on a Website with Dental Digital Marketing Services

If you need an effective SEO digital marketing strategy to increase website traffic, Mediboost has extensive experience promoting dental clinics. Our marketing dental services include web design and development, SEO, and social media marketing for clinics throughout Australia. 

Contact us today at 1300 163 058 or visit our website to learn more about how we can help you generate traffic on your website through professional digital marketing services.





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