Creating an online presence for your dental practice requires slick design and quality content. Writing unique, authoritative content is a cornerstone of any dental marketing strategy. But how do you know what’s important? This article will explain what dental website content you should focus on so you can grow your practice.


How To Create The Best Dental Website Content

In today’s terms, content is more than words. Content includes text on your website pages, graphics, infographics, and video content.

Publishing quality content on your dental website presents a number of benefits:

  • It helps to develop your online reputation
  • It improves your search engine optimisation efforts
  • It establishes your dental practice as an industry leader
  • It helps to build credibility


quality content website dental practice sydney mediboostCreating A Compelling Home Page

The home page of your dental practice website is one of the most important pages on your site. Think about it: all of your marketing collateral should cite your web address, which makes it the first place potential patients will visit if they want to find out more about you.

Pro tip: Focus your efforts on creating quality content that is patient-centric. Put yourself in a patient’s shoes. What do you expect to see when you visit a service provider’s website? 


Highlight Your Services Pages

While it is advisable to create a landing page that lists all of the dental services you offer, your website’s search engine optimisation is enhanced if you can focus on each of your dental services in detail.

We recommend writing a page of unique content for each service that you offer. Break down pages into each area of service a patient would need

  • General dentistry: what services do you offer to help patients look after their teeth and prevent decay?
  • Restorative dentistry: how can you help patients restore damaged, decayed or missing teeth at your dental practice?
  • Cosmetic dentistry: what do you do to help patients improve the appearance of their teeth?

Pro Tip: To boost your dental marketing campaigns, do keyword research to find out what search terms potential patients are using to look for services like yours and include the keywords in your content. 



Educate And Inform Your Patients

Even though you may only see your patients twice a year, their oral care needs are ongoing. And you might find yourself repeating the same flossing instructions to every patient every day. When you discover areas that patients need assistance in, consider including this information on your website.

Cover areas like dental hygiene, frequently asked questions, or even topics related to the cost of services if you find them coming up often.

By providing patients with free resources and information, you empower them and add value to your service offering.

Pro Tip: Consider the needs of your target audience and how best to serve this kind of content. Would your target audience derive more value from a video or text? 


Include Testimonials In Your Dental Website Content

Of course, every dental practice will be self-promotional in their marketing material – but when potential patients hear positive feedback from other patients, it has a lot more appeal. Online users can be sceptical about written testimonials, so video offers you a unique way to boost your dental marketing efforts.

Pro Tip: Think about the placement of your testimonials and where they would offer the most value on your website. 


Before And After Treatment Photos

Plenty of patients feel embarrassed about their treatment needs or that their dental problems can’t be fixed. If they have restorative or cosmetic dentistry needs, they might need convincing that you have experience in the area for which they seek help.

Before and after photo galleries are an excellent way to showcase your experience, as they show the patient what their smile will look like post-treatment.

Pro Tip: People appreciate stories they can relate to. If you plan on using a patient’s before and after photos on your website, make sure you have their permission. 


considerations follow content dental site sydney mediboostBlog Articles

Today’s patients are more informed than ever. If they have a procedure or would like to know more about a service, they will research it online. Make sure your dental practice has an online repository of helpful, informative blog articles that address your patients’ needs and concerns.

Pro Tip: If you decide to start a blog, make it a long-term commitment. A blog with two articles doesn’t give a good impression of your dental practice, so make sure you’re in it for the long haul. 


Technical Considerations For Quality Content

You can take your dental practice website content to the next level with these tips:

  • Use strong headlines that tell a patient what to do next and end each page with a call-to-action that includes easily accessible contact details
  • Incorporate subheadings and bullet points into your content to break it up and make it easier to read
  • Create a website content plan and stick to it. When you get busy, dental marketing activities tend to get forgotten about, so create a monthly schedule and commit
  • While search engine optimisation is great for dental marketing, try to create content for readers first. Doing keyword research will help you to discover what users are searching for and help you to develop patient-centred content that will complement your online marketing efforts.

Content creation is a full-time job that is best fulfilled by professionals. While you may have considerable dental experience, writing copy for dental websites is a skill. We’d love to chat with you about how to improve your online performance with quality dental website content. Please contact Mediboost on 1300 163 058 for your free consultation:




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