Visuals are more persuasive than written words, so utilising videos on your website, media platforms, and email campaigns will help you effectively communicate with your audience.

Studies have found that over 70% of customers prefer to watch videos about a business or service instead of reading about it. If you haven’t already realised, creating patient education videos for your practice is the key to engaging patients, whether it’s new or existing. You may now be wondering which type of videos will work most effectively for dental offices.

Content may come first, but video reigns supreme. You’ve crafted a professional and convincing copy to ensure maximum conversions; however, if you haven’t included any videos in your message yet, then you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity to captivate the attention of a highly-engaged audience. Nearly half of the internet users are ready to watch a 3-minute video, it’s only sensible to invest in video production -after all, consumers are more likely to purchase products or services they’ve seen explained on screen.

To support your video marketing initiatives, we have compiled some inspiring ideas on topics that your practice could explore.

How to create effective dental videos for a website?

Record the patient review videos

When your patients are raving about their experience in written reviews, take it a step further and ask them to share what they think on camera. Seeing somebody talk positively about you has far more impact than just reading words alone; the visuals evoke an emotional response that can truly boost your reputation beyond comprehension.

Prospective patients will be influenced by testimonies from your current clients, so why not add patient testimonial videos to your practice website? Not only are they an excellent way of demonstrating the benefits of choosing you for their dental care, but these videos can also drive traffic to your site through online searches.

Written or video testimonials are your proof

Testimonial videos act as undeniable proof of your practice’s value—confirmation that others have gained something meaningful from it.

Video interviews can be an invaluable tool to showcase social proof. Questions asked during the interview that evoke a positive response are just one way to achieve success.

dental videos for your website australia

  • What dental issue were you experiencing?
  • What made you decide that treatment was necessary?
  • What drew you to our practice?
  • What has been your experience with this?
  • How has your life improved since undergoing treatment?
  • Was it worth the effort and resources?
  • If you’re contemplating this treatment, what counsel would you offer to others?

Create videos of dental procedures

Video is the perfect platform to explain dental procedures and help patients feel more at ease when they make an appointment. Providing this insight can empower them to take charge of their oral health, giving them the confidence they need to move forward with treatment plans. All it takes is sitting in front of the camera to discuss a certain treatment or pointing at images onscreen. It’s that easy.

If you’re looking to make an impact, procedural videos can be your saving grace! These helpful visuals are perfect for different service pages of your website, landing pages related to pay-per-click campaigns and social media platforms like YouTube. From step-by-step tutorials to picture-based explanations, the potential of these versatile tools is boundless.

A successful instructional video should communicate the details of a treatment procedure in language that patients can comprehend while also elucidating its advantages.

If you wish to provide your patients with an in-depth look into a certain medical treatment or procedure, why not consider releasing a weekly video? This way, they can stay informed and learn as much as possible without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

For a more comprehensive learning experience, consider filming certain portions of the procedure with patient permission, then add a voiceover to explain each step and its purpose.

Record friendly “meet us” videos of yourself and your team

To draw new patients to your practice, consider creating a video introducing each of the members of your dental team.

You can create a video for each of your team members where they share:

  • Their specific talents.
  • The work experience that led them to their job here.
  • What they enjoy most about their role in the clinic.
  • What hobbies and interests keep them busy outside of work hours?

videos for dental website australiaBy incorporating these videos into your marketing strategy, prospective patients will be more inclined to book an appointment with you due to the personal connection they have made. It’s a powerful tool that builds trust and provides insight into your practice through the perspective of its employees – ultimately, humanising it.

If you’re searching for efficient methods to hire more personnel, why not create a video featuring current employees highlighting all the reasons why your practice would be an ideal workplace? This is also beneficial in terms of boosting team morale.

Add in some fun videos to kill the stress of a dental procedure

Spread the word that your office is a fun place to be.

Research indicates that more than 70 per cent of people are searching for humorous videos when they watch online, so why not share some funny clips from within your practice? Showing off its fun side will surely give you an extra boost.

Showcase your practice’s fun activities and events with videos! Post footage of office Christmas celebrations, team-member-of-the-month award presentations, and other special occasions. Plus, join the movement in supporting an annual oral health drive by sharing a video from any related events you host.

Offices that offer young patients a reward, such as a toy or new toothbrush, can feature this in an engaging video. However, it is important to remember that any videos featuring children on social media platforms must have express permission from the parents or guardians of those featured.

Add How-to videos

If your dental practice offers a range of services, the potential for how-to video topics is virtually limitless.

Transform your dental blog posts with headlines such as “How to…” into video content! With this approach, you can easily create videos that will help educate and engage viewers.

Learning how to clean your teeth and gums is paramount for dental hygiene. With that in mind, here are some easy steps on brushing, flossing, and taking care of plastic aligners correctly. Additionally, discover how you can avoid gum disease while helping your little one through teething with ease!

Bolstering your blog content with videos is a surefire way to increase engagement. Not only should you post the video on social media and create backlinks, but it will also elevate search engine optimisation significantly! Both tactics go hand in hand when aiming for optimal success.

Give a detailed office tour

Give potential patients the assurance of making the right choice for their first visit by providing them with an interactive virtual tour of your office. Demonstrate how you stand apart from other competitors and give them a preview of what they can expect on arrival.

By leveraging virtual tours in your practice, you can foster trust with those who suffer from dental anxiety and make them feel at ease before they ever come to the office. This way, they become familiarised with the environment prior to their visit.

Office tour videos are an outstanding way to demonstrate the helpfulness and friendliness of your team.

Practice videos

Narrative-driven overview videos, like a Company Profile or About Us video, uncover your story and reveal to others who you are as an entity, what services you offer, and the purpose behind them.

These videos offer a succinct summation of useful information for your patients and give them an insight into the atmosphere of your practice.

By incorporating overview videos on your dental website, you can capture the attention of a broader audience and encourage conversions. You’ll also foster trust and loyalty with potential patients, thus giving them confidence in their choice to visit your practice.

Five tips for dental videos

Capture a memorable narrative, not just an advertisement.

Crafting a powerful story for your video should be at the top of your list when considering how to engage with viewers. Make it meaningful and genuine; create an inspirational hero, tug on the viewers’ emotions, and you’ll reap long-term rewards from increased engagement.

Establish clear intentions

Captivate your audience from the very first frame by creating a clear and concise video; otherwise, you’ll lose their attention faster than you can say “meandering”.

Before filming, be sure to plan ahead and map out your shots. As you shoot, stay focused on the storyline’s linearity and comprehensibility so that it is both informative while still intriguingly entertaining. Get creative but make sure that everything remains clear-cut and succinct.

3. Understand the Necessary Length

Viewing a video that’s too drawn out can be quite mundane. When sharing videos on social media, it is advisable to keep the duration at around 2 minutes; however, if you are developing something more detailed, like a 30-minute program about dental implants for YouTube, then this would not apply.

If you want to ensure that your videos look professional and presentable, it’s essential to invest in high-quality lighting and audio equipment. Additionally, make sure you have a basic understanding of production techniques; YouTube is full of great tutorials for getting up and running quickly.

4. Maximise your video marketing efforts with optimisation

Harnessing Search Engine Optimisation is critical for video marketing, as it not only amplifies your SEO position but also propels more web users to visit your dental website. Selecting the right keywords can be a game-changer in securing a top spot on search engine results pages.

5. Design your script for maximum user experience and search engine optimisation

When constructing your script, always bear in mind who you are aiming to reach. Organising the video and narrative with SEO needs in view is also key – fill it up with popular words and phrases that pertain to your message for improved online visibility. This way, people can quickly locate what you have created.

If you’re in search of creative video content to use for your office, Mediboost is here to help. Reach out and tap into our expertise- we can provide inspiring ideas on the perfect types of videos for your business.




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