The term “keywords” is often mentioned in digital marketing talks and on other platforms. Their importance has increased significantly as platforms like Google and Amazon heavily emphasise keywords. 

Businesses also invest a lot of time and energy in finding their desired keywords and analysing them to take maximum benefit from them. Moreover, they have dedicated teams for “keyword research” for the business or brand. A survey revealed that 49% of respondents say that organic searches (search engine optimisation and keyword research) bring the highest ROI out of many digital marketing channels.

But what is a keyword, and why is the search volume of keywords so important? Let’s take a closer look. 


What Are Keywords?

In search engine optimisation, the term keyword is a search term or phrase that a person enters into a search engine. For example, if a person writes “tooth cavity” or “root canal near me” in a Google search, it is considered a keyword or search query. 

dentist keywords volume sydney mediboostIt may seem insignificant information, but this data is crucial for marketers, businesses, and organisations. If you are a dental clinic owner and have a website, you can use these keywords in your website’s content, title, and other possible locations.

Whenever a search is conducted on Google, the viewer will see your website in the search engine page results (SERPs).

However, one factor of keywords that plays a crucial role in search engine optimisation and keyword research for your business website is “search volume for keywords.” 


What is meant by the Search Volume of Keywords?

Keyword search volume is the popularity of the keywords. Each keyword or phrase has different search volumes that denote the number of times people search for it (usually in months). There are often more than one but similar and interrelated keywords for anything.

For example, you are a dentist and want to promote your services on your website, for which you will need dental SEO. The first step is to conduct keyword research related to your industry; you will find out what your potential patients are searching on the web. 

It depends on you which keywords to focus on and rank. You may find keywords like “dentists near me” or “tooth cavity prevention,” but these keywords will have different search volumes. Dentist near me is searched more often and has a search volume of 500 per month, and fewer people are interested in tooth cavity prevention, so it has less search volume, which is 200 per month. 



Why are Keywords and Search Volume of Keywords Important?

You need to rank for dentistry-related phrases and terms if you are a dentist. These keywords are essential for every website; they close the gap between the people’s search and the content you are providing on your website. Moreover, through keyword research, you can identify relevant keywords. This keyword research saves you time, money, and effort while ensuring you stay on the right dental SEO track.

Keyword search volume is the more profound keyword analysis; it allows you to understand the market trends and the demand for the particular search term. Following are the benefits of conducting keyword research and analysing the search volume. 


Evaluate The Traffic Potential 

Keyword research helps us analyse the traffic and market trends, letting you predict the trends and whether the keyword’s search volume will increase or decrease. Major platforms like Google, Bing, and Amazon provide insights on the changing trends, and you can estimate the potential traffic that particular keyword can get.  


Help You with PPC 

Keyword research helps you with managing your PPC campaigns and bidding. You can spend your limited budget on high-competition keywords if you do not know the keywords’ search volumes. Once you see the search volume, you can target keywords with less competition but high search volume. 


search volume dental keywords sydney mediboostShape Your Content 

Knowing the trending keywords is essential, so your website content becomes SEO optimised. Your content is less valuable if you use keywords with little traffic. 

Using keywords with high search volume will mean competing against bigger competitors and expensive PPC bids. You have low chances of ranking compared to an authority site. Shape your website content by analysing the keyword research. You can select keywords that fit your completion needs well and allow you to rank quickly. 


Keyword Search Volume and Your Dental SEO Strategy

You can rank high in Google SERPs by targeting the keywords with the right search volume and competition. One strategy is to use long tail keywords with low search volume. Your dental website can use long-tail keywords as a dental SEO strategy

Why use long tail keywords? Because they have a more relevant audience and high chances of converting leads. In addition, you use keyword research for the following benefits 

  • Create relevant content for your audience with the help of long tail and moderate search volume keywords
  • If you intend to promote your dental products, you can target keywords that have purchase intent in it
  • You can gradually increase your engagements by targeting keywords with low search volume and have the potential to increase
  • Find keywords with high demand and low competition to get the best ROI and PPC biddings


Get The Best Search Volume for Keywords

Keyword research is a time-intensive task, especially if you are new to it. It would be best to rely on professionals like Mediboost, who specialise in dental SEO, search engine optimisation, and all kinds of dental marketing. Visit our website today and give us a call at 1300 163 058.





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