Have you recently registered your dentistry and now face difficulties searching for qualified leads? Did you just open your dental clinic and are clueless about the slow patient traffic? Are you struggling with tactics and strategies that can enhance marketing for dental practices? Despite your better dental service and experience, do you think you fail at capturing a fair market share in Australia? 

Continue reading, as this blog will discuss dental marketing in detail, allowing everyone who runs or owns a dental practice to take advantage and expand their reach. 

The thing is, just like any other business, dentistry has its share of hardships to conquer. Besides the skills, equipment, experience, and knowledge – dentists need the power of online marketing to set their dental practice apart from the competition. In just Australia, there were more than 18,000 registered dentists – that’s a lot.

Also, according to IBIS World, the performance of dental services in Australia is predicted to improve over the next five years, supported by a growing ageing population and rising disposable income. 

With this information, it’s clear that dentists need to understand how to market their dental practices to make the most of the current situation. Besides this, dental patient marketing is the driving force behind a successful dental practice – you can bring in more patients, strengthen your connection with existing patients and build a stronger community – all with dental marketing

So if you run a dental practice in Australia and want to leverage marketing channels, here’s what you need to know.

Harness Marketing For Dental Practices

For most dentists, the subject of marketing for their dental practice gives way to uncertainty and ambiguity. Indeed, gone are the good old days when dentists relied on purchasing ads in the Yellow Pages and waiting for the phone to ring. Today’s patients use smart devices and the internet to research before making dental appointments.

According to statistics, more than 37% of dental practices struggle to find the right traffic and leads. In addition to this, a report by Pew Research shows that 77% of patients now use the internet to search for a reliable dental practice within their area. 

Moreover, did you know that 88% of consumers who do a local search on their smartphone visit or call a store within a day?

So, if you want more phone calls, scheduled appointments, and new patients while retaining current dental patients – it’s best to invest some money and time into marketing. 

Significance Of Marketing For Dental Practices

There’s no doubt that your dental practice delivers better services and experiences to patients, and potential customers want to know all about it. Hence, incorporating all this information into your dental marketing plan is significant. 

There are numerous reasons why dental marketing has grown so popular; some of them are as follows:

Delivers Quicker Returns

Traditional marketing channels such as TV and radio have a definite impact on increasing awareness of your dental practice but fail at delivering immediate positive outcomes in terms of revenue.

On the contrary, digital dental marketing helps you to curate specialised and personalised content where you only pay to reach prospects. The specific search phrases and Google ads bids help draw in more patients – and you only pay when someone clicks on the digital advertisement.

Decreases Dental Marketing Costs

The cost of digital marketing for dental practices is much lower than traditional marketing.

dental practices marketing australiaDigital channels and social media marketing cost next to nothing in front of conventional mediums.

According to reports, a television commercial of 30 seconds prices starts at around $1150 +GST. 

In contrast, running pay-per-click ads costs approx. $0,05 – $3 per qualified visitor.

Moreover, SEO and web content marketing for dental practices can be nearly free of charge if dealt with deftly. 

Enhances Targeting And Relevance

Digital dental marketing can be beneficial for dental practices when used appropriately, as a well-planned digital marketing campaign on social platforms delivers highly specialised and targeted advertising options. It allows dentists to target potential patients by displaying personalised advertisements that increase awareness of your dental practice at a fraction of the cost. 

Moreover, dental social media marketing helps curate a series of well-thought advertisements and posts that increase the reach of your dental practice with marketing automation, reminders, and other innovative solutions. 

Embrace The Power Of Digital Dental Marketing

Dental patients are very considerate when choosing a dental practice – until and unless it is an emergency. None of them is in a hurry and, most probably, takes their time to research a reliable dentist in their area. Patients seek referrals from their friends, family, and colleagues. 

Moreover, they search “dental practice near me” online to find an effective and reliable dentist. Moreover, many patients use social media platforms to search for competent dentists. 

In a nutshell, dentists must have an effective digital marketing strategy, impressive social media presence, a lead-catching website, and a high Google search engine ranking to increase their chances of gaining the attention of prospects. 

Ramp Up Your Marketing For Dental Practices With The Help Of Experts – Mediboost

The world of dental marketing has changed drastically wherein dental clinics are at the forefront – innovating and adjusting newer marketing methods. It navigates the burgeoning and reassures patients with exceptional service. 

As we move forward digitally, finding the right balance in marketing your dental practice is crucial. By leveraging digital marketing channels, we are sure your dental practice can take the leap and distinguish itself from competitors. 

But if you struggle with an efficient and effective digital marketing strategy and implementation, you can take advantage of services offered by a leading dental marketing agency – Mediboost. We have years of experience and a proven reputation for helping dentists expand their practice throughout the country and attract new patients. 

Reach out to our experts to turn your visitors into patients by leveraging marketing for dental practices. 


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