Gone are the days when an advertisement in the Yellow Pages would drive new patients to your dental practice. Nowadays, dentists need to up their marketing game to create an edge and bring in more customers. Today’s patients rely on the Internet to find a competent and qualified dentist.

The world of dental marketing gets increasingly competitive each day. Currently, more than 18,000 registered dentists operate in Australia – and each one of them is trying to cut through the noise and reach their patients. For many, the subject of dental marketing is fraught with ambiguity and uncertainty. After all, being in the dental profession, it’s your job to make patients choose you over other dental practices in your area. 

This is precisely where dental practice marketing strategy comes in handy – it grows your patient pipeline and helps dentists adapt to changing patient behaviour. It’s easy to know that you should market your dental practice. It’s much more difficult to know how to do that. Of course, no one said it would be easy, but the dental practice marketing strategy highlighted below can surely take some stress off your shoulders.

Let’s dive into all the marketing tactics and tips that every dental practice operating in Australia must follow to drive new customers, strengthen their relationship with patients, and increase awareness regarding their dental practices


Dental Practice Marketing Strategy That Leads To Success

Have you planned a dental practice marketing strategy for 2022?

success leads dental marketing sydney mediboostNot yet? It’s time to put those marketing hats on and expand your dental website’s reach. You probably haven’t devoted much time to dental marketing as a dentist. Don’t be upset, as you aren’t the only professional to find yourself in this pickle. Between managing staff and handling patients, ensuring you follow regulations, and more – you definitely have your hands full.

In the long run, your patients crave personalised connection and don’t enjoy being bombarded with cheesy sales tactics or traditional marketing approaches. Dental practices need tried and tested marketing tactics that help them expand their dental website reach in the online world. 

Here are some of the best dental marketing ideas to help set your business apart from other dental practices


Create and optimise your Google My Business page

Creating a Google My Business (GMB) page tops the list in any dental practice marketing strategy. GMB is the centrepiece of every dental marketing where dental practices list themselves and add verified and accurate information like hours, location, pictures, description of services, links, and others that Google threads into various search experiences. 

A complete and robust GMB listing can help dental practices appear in all kinds of search results, which ultimately aids in enhancing the reach and driving more patient traffic. After all, 84% of all searches focus on discovering local practices. 

Not to forget, optimising your GMB page is significant for dental marketing success. To help achieve success, always post content such as special details, offers, and others regularly while trying to gain more reviews for your patients. Remember, Google My Business Page is a vital tool that encourages new patients to choose your dental practice over the competition. 



Harness Click-To-Call Ads

The main goal of any dental marketing strategy is to entice patients and prospects to book an appointment – which is performed by picking up a mobile phone and calling the dental clinic. 

Click-to-call advertisements are available on various devices through Google Ads and Facebook, allowing you to create specialised call-only campaigns and achieve higher appointments. 


Build A Community On Social Media

There’s no denying that social media gives dental practices an excellent way to reach out to potential patients and build or strengthen stronger connections. Remember, this goes for your existing patients, too.

The thing is, when anyone follows or likes your page on social media, they are not only hearing about your dental services once every six months – in fact, now they have a constant source of communication with your dental practice all year round. Therefore, it’s essential to include social media presence in your dental practice marketing strategy.

Dental practices must build an online community of patients where they can stay in touch and enhance engagements. Not only this, they would be able to share unique details, updates, and other information. It gives patients more potential touch points and a better first impression of finding your dentistry. 


Develop a Well-Designed And Functional Dental Website

dental marketing dental practice sydney mediboost is crucial for dental marketing success, as your patients would have no online medium to contact your dental practice. Moreover, there’s a 70% chance that a potential patient’s first interaction will happen on your dental practice website, which is why it’s an essential component of the digital dental marketing plan. 

Your patients are moving towards digitalisation, where 50% of the world’s total internet traffic is mobile-driven, and $6.7 billion in sales were conducted through smart devices.

Therefore, your dental website must be responsive, fully functional, and mobile compatible – not to forget – to make a lasting first impression. Additionally, a dental website should have a professional outlook with easy navigation and be well organised, helping patients navigate your information, offers, and other contact details. Moreover, it helps search engines index important data efficiently, increasing your organic reach. 


Grow Your Dental Practice with a Dental Marketing Plan – Mediboost

Undeniably, a dental practice marketing strategy is the key to streamlining your dental marketing goals and connecting with prospective patients. We’ve shared some ideas to help you expand your dental practice marketing strategy but bear in mind that it will be no walk in the park. 

It requires a lot of dedication, time, hard work, and consistency to run a successful dental practice marketing strategy. And belonging to dentistry, we already know you have a lot on your plate.

That’s precisely why the trained and qualified professionals working at Mediboost are available at your fingertips to take your dental practice marketing strategy up a notch. If you are struggling to find a competent dentist marketing agency in Australia, all you need to do is reach our representatives through our contact page or call 1300 163 058





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