Driving targeted website traffic to your site is one of the biggest ways to increase new patient enquiries. Fortunately, dental websites have various tactics available to increase website traffic and generate leads. We have put a guide together to explain how to improve traffic to your website so that you can increase the quantity and quality of your leads.


The Truth About Dental Websites

A few years ago, it was enough to create a website for your dental practice and wait for patients to come to you. But, as our communities have become more technically savvy and more dental practices have opened, the market has become more competitive. 

You can’t take website traffic for granted anymore. You need to be proactive to be a step ahead of your competition. And that means having an effective and consistent digital marketing campaign in place to increase website traffic.


How To Improve Traffic To Your Website: Online Marketing Tips For Dental Practices


Increase Website Traffic With A Google My Business Listing

Online marketing is very focused on generating local enquiries, and having a Google My Business profile is one of the best ways to do this. With a Google My Business profile, you can:

Show your website to patients searching for dental websites in your area

Make your telephone number and physical address easily accessible

Respond to patient reviews timeously

Creating and optimising your Google My Business listing is the cornerstone of a good SEO strategy. But if you want to do even more, there are other channels to implement.


Increase Website Traffic Using On-Page SEO Techniques

All dental websites need a comprehensive SEO strategy to ensure a steady influx of new patient enquiries. This means publishing in-depth, authoritative content that patients want to read. Dental websites should focus on patient-centric content that answers frequently asked questions and speaks to your target audience’s problems and fears.

You can boost website traffic with lots of optimised, high-quality content across your website pages and blog. That means you need to do keyword research to understand what your patients want and optimise individual website pages for those keywords.

Each page needs to be structured correctly in terms of its keyword usage and placement to drive website traffic. Your keyword density is relative to the number of words on your page. The keyword should also be used

  • In the page URL
  • In the page title, headings and subheadings
  • In the image alt tags


Increase Website Traffic With Backlinks

Having high-quality backlinks sends Google a signal that your website has good online relationships with other websites. If those websites generate high traffic volumes, you are likely to receive more website traffic too.

Also, consider internal links on your website pages. This makes your site easier to crawl and index.


Increase Web Traffic With Social Media Marketing

Today’s patients are active on social media channels all the time. They want dental practices to meet them where they hang out online. They also buy into the power of influencers and hashtags. The trick is to tap into the right social media platform – one that suits your business and target audience.

improve traffic to your website australiaOnce you’ve done this, you need to serve up the right kind of content at the right times. Your content should strike a balance between being informative and promotional without being spammy or annoying.

Social media channels have also shown us the importance of developing different kinds of content. Dental websites can leverage the power of video by being active on Youtube and Instagram. If you want to appeal to a slightly older target audience, keep working on your Facebook profile- but if you want to catch the attention of the younger generations, you’ll want to explore the potential of TikTok.

Because social media users don’t always want to read an entire blog post in their feeds, you can include a catchy paragraph with a call to action to drive website traffic for those who want to read more.


Improve Website Traffic With Direct Patient Communication

While a lot of digital marketing is concerned with new patient leads, it’s also possible to lose your existing clientele to competitors if you don’t market to them. Your patient database is an invaluable marketing tool that many dental practices underutilise. It can be an influential source of website traffic to your website when it is used properly.

Consider using email marketing to let your existing patients know about specials, promotions, and news at your practice. Include a link to a special offer to drive website traffic.


Improve Your Website’s Speed

Faster-loading websites perform better than slow ones. Making sure your website loads fast is another way to let Google know you’re on top of your game and send more website traffic your way.


Don’t Forget To Analyse Your Results

“If it isn’t measured, it isn’t managed”, as the saying goes. Knowing how to improve traffic to your website is one thing, understanding whether it’s working and how to adjust it is an entirely different matter. To do this effectively, you need to make sure you have Google Analytics installed on your website

Google Analytics will tell you if you have managed to improve website traffic and what content is working best. It will let you know where your website traffic is coming from and how long users are engaging with your brand online.

Dental websites should also set up goals in Analytics. Maybe it’s redeeming a special offer, making an online purchase, or signing up for your mailing list. Whatever it is, it should be measured and managed.

As digital marketing specialists for the dental industry, we can show you how to improve traffic to your website and increase new patient enquiries. Contact us for a confidential consultation



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