Did you know that online ads can increase brand awareness among customers by 80%?

When it comes to dental marketing, you need to find a way your potential clients can learn about your services and visit your clinic. The best way to do this is through Google ads.

This article will teach you how to do Google ads and how they can increase the footfall in your dental clinic. 


Why do you need Google Ads as a dental business?

Google ads work under the same principle as any other advertisement that you may see on TV or online. The main difference is that because they are online ads, they will be shown to people who may have specific interests in your brand or business directly or indirectly. The consumer is shown Google ads while browsing the internet or looking for services similar to those you offer. For example, you can tailor your Google ads to appear whenever someone comes searching for dental services in a certain part of the city.

dental clinic google ads sydney mediboostDetails can be further refined to include more keywords likewhere can I get a dental checkup.”

Reach can all depend on how you aim your Google ads and where you want them to be visible.

The truth is that dental marketing can be more complex than marketing other products or services. This is because while buying a pair of new shoes might be seen as satisfying and enjoyable, planning a visit to the dentist probably isn’t.

This is why you need to ensure that ads are explicitly shown to the person that requires the service, or you can end up losing money on those ads. 


Best practices on how to do Google Ads

Learning how to do Google ads is not a one-day practice. It can take several attempts before you might fully comprehend how Google ads work. This is especially the case for dental marketing, where much money is injected into building awareness and footfall, but only a fraction of people are converted. Our experts have narrowed down some of the best practices on how to do Google ads, specifically for dental marketing, so let’s take a closer look. 


Improved keyword targeting

The first step involves a well-researched keyword list to help you get in front of the right people. Google ads work on keywords that you wish to be shown on. As a top tip, when it comes to the dental industry, people tend to get very specific with their searches. Therefore. you can expect people to write “sharp pain shooting from tooth.” 

So, what does this mean for you?

You should really be targeting these types of short, sharp key phrases. The good news is that if you get it right you show up as a top result, and according to a study, 98 per cent of searchers choose a business from the first page of results. 



Location keywords can also play a major role, allowing you to use hyper-localised keywords to get in front of your potential customer. For example, instead of using Sydney as your keyword, try using Newtown or Surry Hills. This will improve your odds of getting a conversion. Furthermore, if you have a dental clinic, odds are you would want to target people from your region.

Finally, you can also incorporate negative keywords. There are often times when certain keywords may have a broad match with the keywords that you have selected, and this can lead to your ad being shown. These ads are useless because although there is a match, there are instances where you would be better off not having your ad displayed. Negative keywords work as a buffer, and the added negative keywords can allow you to stop your ad from being seen on certain keywords. 


Become a master of local search research

Other options can be used to figure out how to do Google ads. One great option for dentists trying to build awareness for their clinic is to use local search. In addition to using specific keywords, Google ads work based on location. You can target people in a particular country, state, city, and even by the radius around your physical clinic.

This can localise your reach and maximise your marketing dollar. By using this method, you are only targeting people that are more likely to make an appointment. Experts believe that basing your location around your neighbourhood or city is the best way to go if your ad is specifically tailored to get appointments for your clinic. If you have branches all around the state or country, you can go for a broader approach. 


Leveraging data

dental marketing campaign google ads sydney mediboostDental marketing should not only be about spending money to get your message out but also about the data you extract.

Most people believe that Google ads are merely paying to get more awareness. This is incorrect. When you run an ad, Google extracts data from your consumer based on how the ad performs. This data can include best-performing keywords, ads, and more.

One essential aspect of learning Google ads is understanding the data collected and using it to further improve your dental marketing activities. 


Get expert help from dental marketing specialists

Every individual specialises in their own field. You can count on a dentist to tell you everything you need to know about the area of dentistry. That being said, the chances of your dentist being well-versed in digital marketing practices and how Google ads work might not be the case.

Mediboost is here to solve that problem. Our team of experienced digital marketing experts offers solutions specifically tailored to the dental and medical fields. In other words, we know how to do Google ads. Moreover, you can count on us to ensure that you get the best results for your Google ads. If you are looking for digital marketers that can help you market your dental practice with expert precision, Mediboost is your best bet. Call us today at 1300 163 058 to learn more.




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