Content marketing is a tried and tested approach for dentists to reach their online audience and improve brand visibility. While content is an overarching strategy that includes eBooks, press releases, videos, and more, it’s best to start with something simple yet powerful, like blogs.

If you have a website for your dental practice, it pays to write blogs that inform and educate visitors while also strengthening your content marketing strategy. Unique and informative blogs should also help your dental website rank higher in search results, bringing more visitors your way. 

Your dental blog ideas must be creative, informative, and reader-friendly. This is because people want to read valuable content and search engines value content that is unique. Apart from improving SEO ranking, a well-composed dental blog that engages with your target audience boosts your reputation in the dental industry.

However, when it comes to dental blog ideas, it can be a challenge to come up with unique posts on a regular basis. For this reason, we’ve created this quick guide to assist you when you’re fresh out of ideas. 


7 unique dental blog ideas you should consider

When you don’t post new blogs on your dental website, your readers will grow bored and shift their attention to a competitor’s website. Not only that, Google favours regularly updated content. Therefore, you need to post new and informative blog posts weekly. 

Use these excellent ideas to ensure your dental website always offers unique and valuable content


Guides To Common Dental Problems

boost brand visibility dental blogs sydney mediboostWhenever people feel discomfort that they believe is a sign of illness, they Google it. Then Google suggests the most relevant link, ranking the website links according to the relevancy hierarchy. That is why writing dental blogs around common dental problems is an effective content marketing strategy.

Every time people search about cavities, tooth sensitivity, and mouth disease, they may see your blog, leading them to your dental website. These guides about dental problems should consist of identifying the dental problem, home remedies, and when to visit the dentist. 


What-to-expect blogs about dental procedures

Most of the time, people don’t like to go to a dentist because they do not know what to expect. Scared of the unknown, people put off the visit to the dentist till the last moment. You can lower this anxiety by sharing blogs about dental procedures. For example, you can explain the root canal procedure, the braces fitting process, the plaque removal procedure, the importance of regular dental checkups, etc.

Everyone encounters one of these dental procedures at least once in their lifetime. Therefore, it is wise to use this dental blog idea and enlighten your audience on basic and complex dental procedures. 


Dental hygiene awareness

A lack of awareness about how to regularly and accurately maintain dental hygiene is one of the main causes of dental problems and diseases in children and adults. Did you know for example that between 60 and 90% of all children have at least one dental cavity? Why not use this dental blog idea as an opportunity to educate people about how to take better care of their dental health. 

Moreover, it may be good to post content promoting dental hygiene. Share dental hygiene tips and what to avoid if you want to have a healthy mouth. With these dental blogs, you can raise awareness in your audience and ensure people do not have to battle severe dental diseases. 



Personal introductions to your staff & their achievements 

The primary purpose of content marketing is to increase web traffic and attract new clients. But people prefer to associate with a dentist that they can trust. To build trust, you need to make a personal connection with your audience. You can create this personal bond by sharing your personal information through your dental website‘s blogs.

Introduce yourself to the audience, and tell them about your expertise, your staff, and how you conduct dental procedures. With these dental blog ideas, you can lower your potential client’s anxiety and build a trustful relationship with them before they even set foot through your door. 


Introduce cosmetic dental procedures

Cosmetic dental procedures are on the rise. Everyone is signing up to have white, straightly aligned teeth that provide a perfect smile. The dental market for these beautifying treatments is growing day by day. This means that your readers and subscribers want to know (from a professional’s point of view) about the experience of getting these treatments done.

In your dental blog, you can share stuff like how much the treatment costs, how long it takes, and how effective it is. If you provide specific cosmetic dental procedures, you can refer yourself to the CTA of the dental blog mentioning to book an appointment with your clinic. 


Help readers conquer dental anxiety

From children to old people, every age group gets nervous whenever you mention a visit to the dentist.

informative dental blog content sydney mediboostIn fact, according to research, around 36% of the adult population feel some form of anxiety when visiting the dentist. Therefore, one of the best blog ideas is to write a blog on how to tackle and conquer dental anxiety.

Tap into people’s fear of the dentist, and help them overcome it in productive ways. They would read your content to learn the tricks that relax them on their next appointment with you.

Moreover, they will also switch to your clinic after benefiting from your advice because they trust you and see you as an experienced dentist who cares.


Give visitors a look into what goes on behind the scenes

Trust is a vital element in creating a good rapport with your patients. So why not show them how you prepare before meeting them for a visit. Most dentists write about dental procedures and guides on their dental blogs. However, a blog based around a “day in the life of a busy dentist” may just stand you out from the crowd.

You can write about hygiene maintenance procedures, getting equipment ready, and how your staff prepares for a regular day. You can also include pictures and short videos as visual elements for the dental blog


Wrapping Up

So, there you have it, 7 top dental blog ideas. Remember, a good content marketing strategy for a dental website focuses on frequent blogging with new and accurate content. This article helps you gather new and informative ideas for your dental website

If you need assistance with starting your dental blog, or you have simply run out of steam and are fresh out of dental blog ideas then don’t worry, the team at Mediboost can help. We’re a team of dental marketing specialists who work with you to grow your business using content marketing strategies that work. Get in touch with us on 1300 163 058 today for assistance.



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