Being a dental professional comes with its own challenges— one such challenge is scaling your dental practice. This is where content marketing comes into play. 

Creating and maintaining a highly relevant dental blog is an excellent way to showcase your expertise in the field, build trust with potential patients and provide visitors with valuable insights into dentistry. 

Blogs are a great resource for dental practice marketing and an excellent way to connect with your audience. Below, we’ll go into several popular ideas you can use for your dental blogs for patients. 


Introduce Yourself To Your Patients

Try to adopt a friendly and approachable tone when introducing yourself, your staff, and the practice. This has a severe impact on how prospective patients perceive members of the staff they may encounter. Including personal introductions is a great way to add a unique touch to your dental blog. 

Moreover, many people experience anxiety around dental visits. An introduction or even a virtual meeting could help settle their nerves. They’ll be more willing to visit your dental practice once they see how friendly and dedicated the staff are. 


ideas dental content blog sydney mediboostPatient Case Studies 

There is a great deal of interest in reading about other people – especially if they share similar problems.

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment, as is wisdom teeth removal.

If you offer these services at your dental practice, you must share your experience conducting this treatment. It is essential to ask the patient before using their dental data and avoid using their full name. 


Behind The Scenes (BTS)

Let’s face it— we’re all curious to see how our dentists perform clinical wonders every day. Be sure that your dental blogs for patients include behind the scenes content that provides exciting insights into the typical day at your dental practice

Don’t forget to add creatives to your blogs like photos and videos and gear people towards visual content. This gives you transparency in the eyes of the client, but it also generates traffic to your website. While this might seem like a trivial task, it can also have a massive bearing on your dental practice marketing. 


Discuss Common Dental Problems

You’ll want your blog to include tips about common dental problems since searching on Google is the first thing someone does when they have a dental problem. By targeting the right keywords in your dental blogs for patients, you can begin ranking for these topics and gain traction on search engines. 

If people come across your blog, they can be redirected to your website for more information about cavities, tooth sensitivities, gum disease and your services. This is an effective way to help your dental practice’s marketing efforts yield quality results. 



Explain Procedures In Your Dental Blogs

As a dentist, you’ll encounter many patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety. In severe cases, dental fear can even stop people from seeking the urgent medical attention they need. 

By explaining procedures in your dental blog, you can offer insight into how different procedures are performed and thus mollify their anxieties. We suggest working on topics like: 

  • What to expect when you’re getting fitted for braces 
  • How do dentures work? 
  • How to prepare for a root canal or dental implants, etc.

These are things your readers are likely to encounter at some point in their lives, and they could be a valuable addition to your dental blogs for patients. Blogs like this have a dual purpose in that they are informative but will also boost your dental practice marketing efforts. 


marketing dental patients blog contentDetail Hygiene Practices 

Information on how to brush well, floss properly, or what to eat to maintain good oral health is valuable to your existing and prospective clients. 

Building trust starts before you even see your patients by showing that you care about their oral health.

Dental blogs like these show patients that you intend to help them prevent dental problems in the future and when they do experience a dental emergency, they feel confident enough to call upon your dental practice. 


Cover Dental Insurance 

Another great idea for dental blog topics is dental insurance. For many people this is a grey area, so posts like this often have a high search volume resulting in high engagement. With this in mind, it’s worth ensuring that your dental blogs for patients detail insurance information, from how to subscribe to a plan to the different types of dental health plans available to you. 



Writing a dental blog can be like pulling teeth for some people. The good news is you can become an expert in it if you have the time. Your practice will steadily grow if you continue to use these exciting and informative blog ideas that readers can sink their teeth into!

Alternatively, if you feel you’d be better off outsourcing the creation of your dental blogs for patients, head to Mediboost. We can help create not only AHPRA-compliant content you can engage your clients with but also offer numerous other dental practice marketing solutions. 

Our advanced SEO strategies help your dental blog climb through the ranks. Not only will your stand head and shoulders above the competition, but you can also leverage our New Patient Tracking system and better understand ROIs. 

If you’re looking for marketing services for your dental practice, get in touch with our experts at Mediboost on 1300 163 058 today and let’s talk about how we can strategise your dental blogs for patients





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