Attracting valuable dental patients takes considerable effort and an in-depth understanding of their needs. 

They have trouble finding a good dentist, but as a dental practitioner, you might also find it challenging to highlight your services and get them to book an appointment. That’s why it is vital to leverage dental marketing strategies in 2022 to strengthen your dental services brand. 

These days, dental marketing entails a range of advanced techniques, all of which start with a viable website and social media presence. Even though digital marketing for dentists is continually evolving, staying on top of these prime strategies can help you grow your dental practice with precision.

Do dentists need these new patient marketing tactics? Yes, most definitely. 

Let’s explore ways to empower your new patient marketing using the latest digital tactics.


Update Your Website To Offer Modern Functionality & Aesthetics

A comprehensive, modern website for your dental practice is the cornerstone of new patient marketing strategies. An aesthetically designed site is essential to that practice.

First impressions matter greatly, and if your dental site design looks bland and unprofessional, this can hamper your potential to attract and get new dental patients as they want to be treated in an attractive advanced practice. 

techniques patient marketing sydney mediboostYour website’s functionality and organisation enhance the dental patients’ experience, translating to higher conversions and boosting your new patient marketing efforts.

You can use it to offer valuable content, offer info regarding your dental practice, and send the appropriate indicators to Google for SEO purposes. When you have all your essential information on your website, coupled with tailored keywords and copywriting, it augments the chances your dental practice pops up when potential clients are searching for particular dental services.

Here are some features and ideas to consider when upgrading your dental marketing practices to attract new patients.

  • Online scheduling
  • Professional photography
  • Online bill payment
  • A well-curated content section with updated articles
  • Online prescription renewal
  • ‘Meet the Team’ and ‘Meet the Dentist’ profiles
  • Live Chat
  • Video content
  • Frequently planned content that informs and helps dental patients

Here are some technical facets of a dental website that you should also consider.

  • Website security
  • Coded suitably for SEO
  • Website speed
  • Mobile optimised design



Integrate Robust Social Media Strategies

There is no denying that social media helps boost your dental practice’s new patient marketing initiatives.

All digital dental marketing promotional campaigns should include creating and maintaining your brand’s social media accounts. These digital platforms can help your dental practice consistently connect with potential and current patients.

If you learn how to generate quality content that gets increased engagement, it’s also imperative to realise this is a valuable facet of your dental marketing plan.

So, what social media platforms should you leverage to attract new patients and grow your dental practice?

You can’t overlook Facebook, which has around 2.9 billion active users on a monthly basis, making it the most famous social networking platform in the world.

So, if you are trying to reach a local audience base for your dental practice, Facebook is a robust platform, and you should integrate it into your dental marketing approach.

Furthermore, Instagram is also one of the great photo-sharing apps that have added multiple functionalities, enhancing the marketing and advertising for almost all businesses, including dental practices.

Humanise your practice to help your dental patients feel connected to your brand and staff. This can also help you create a feeling of trustworthiness and help you with achieving your goal of getting new patients. 


Blog Regularly and Use Quality Content To Boost SEO

Creating and sharing quality and compelling content on your dental practice’s site is an excellent way to improve your new patient marketing tactics and get results. It can help you demonstrate your dental services in a precise manner. 

Starting a blog can significantly impact your dental practice’s online presence, especially on Google. Dental patients often have many questions, specifically about their health, and are constantly searching online for answers to their questions.

tactics marketing dental patients sydney mediboostOne of the best ways to populate your blog is by addressing your patient’s FAQs. 

However, before you start random blogging for your dental practice, make sure you conduct adequate research and formulate a plan for new patient marketing along with your intended audience. 

This may sound overwhelming initially, so this is a great time to reach out to a competent marketing agency team specialising in dental marketing. Digital marketing for a dental practice isn’t as simple as the market competition.

An excellent medical marketing agency has the experience and expertise to expedite the content creation process for efficient marketing for dental brand campaigns. 

However, make sure that the content you generate aligns with Google’s search intent and, most importantly, resonates with the audience. For instance, you should focus more on creating blogs addressing new and current patient questions. 

Creative dental marketing techniques and quality content help you grow organic traffic, allowing you to minimise your spending on paid campaigns. 


Wrapping Up

If you invest in digital marketing initiatives to enhance the experience of your dental patients, your brand can be quickly known as an authority in the field.

It can translate into an influx of new dental patients, increasing engagement amongst current patients, and ultimately getting the word out about your dental practice.

Digital marketing strategy and dental SEO can be a promising investment that you will make for your dental brand. 

Are you ready to enhance your new patient marketing tactic to attract new patients? A medical marketing agency like Mediboost can help you reflect your brand in a visually appealing and valuable way.

Having a prominent dental brand image with Mediboost can be simple and effective. Contact us on 1300 163 058 today.






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