According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Australians over 15 are missing an average of 5.7 teeth. At the same time, in a study of 15,731 adults, 4% of adults were edentulous (lacking teeth). More and more people are searching for dental implants, and the market is only growing. In 2021 alone, the global dental market  size reached $36.3 billion.

Using the right dental implant marketing strategy, you can easily reach these untapped dental clients. This guide will walk you through efficient ways to increase and tailor marketing efforts and strategies to attract more patients. 


5 Killer Dental Implants Marketing Strategies To Get More Clients

Listed below are the five tried and tested dental implants marketing strategies to help attract more patients to your dental practice: 


  1. Create Or Optimise Your Website

According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), nearly all Australians have internet (99%). Moreover, 93% use their mobile phone to connect to the internet. What’s more, the use of online telehealth increased to 41% in 2021.

Statistics show that more people spend time online looking for better healthcare services, scheduling appointments, or seeking information. 

strategic ideas marketing implants sydney mediboostBelieve it or not, your website is the foundation for all your dental implants marketing strategies. Everything from social interactions, dental implants advertising and word-of-mouth referrals will direct clients to your site. 

Create a mobile-friendly site. Prospective clients look online for a dental website to view practice hours, explore treatments, make appointments, etc. Your website can appeal to patients more if it includes all the relevant information and it’s just a mouse-click away. 

Also, Google and other search engines can effortlessly recognise your website content, provided you employ the right keywords, such as ‘dental implants’ or ‘dental implants surgery near me.’  

Ensure your site is up and ready – it should focus on customer experience, SEO, and conversions. If it’s outdated, refresh and optimise it. 


  1. Feature Dental Implants Prominently Throughout Your Site 

Build a web page about the dental implant solutions you offer. Like your site, ensure the page focuses on conversions, SEO, and user experience. 

You can utilise it as a lead capture page (landing page) for dental implants advertising, and it can also work wonders when used for non-paid (organic) traffic. 

Create an implant page that answers patient queries, promotes benefits, and creates trust. Here’s a list of things you must include on your implants page:

  • Client testimonial videos
  • Before & After photos
  • Provides compelling CTAs, such as free dental implant consultation
  • Explain the value you offer, such as digital dental implants or teeth-in-a-day 
  • Highlight payment details
  • Outline what a patient can expect
  • Remind clients of the advantages of implants 



  1. Market Your Implants On Social Media Channels 

21.45 million Australians actively use social networking sites to connect, get news content, entertain themselves, and share information. You miss out on a large section of people if you’re not using social media channels. 

Social media is an effective dental implant marketing strategy for advertising your services or products. With platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you can appeal visually to dental clients and target particular locations so prospective patients within your radius can see your posts. 

Consider using the best social media tools, such as Hootsuite, Buffer, etc., to schedule content. They help you save time and effort and can see better post engagement. Share blog posts (if any) so you can direct traffic from social media to your website.   

Make sure to connect with your targeted audience. Respond appropriately to comments to create a relationship with followers. 


  1. Offer Promotions

Another key dental implant marketing strategy is to offer promotions. People get excited when you offer them a deal. 

Run a special promotional offer on your dental implant services. There’s a range of effective and unique dental implants advertising ideas that can be a perfect match for your dental practice, such as: essential ways market tooth implants sydney mediboost

  • Free dental implant consultation
  • 0% Financing
  • Discount on two or more dental implants
  • Payment plans
  • Two-year free care and maintenance of dental implants 
  • Market the starting price you offer for dental implants
  • Advertise the average savings, such as if you get dental implants, you can save up to 40%

Still unsure about whether to offer a discount or not? Test it for a brief time, and you’ll see if it’s a dental implant marketing strategy that works. 

Create value through scarcity. People get more attracted to opportunities or options that are unique, dwindling, or rare in availability. They’re more likely to jump if they believe there’s a limited-time offer! 


  1. Track Dental Implants Marketing Campaigns

You’ve successfully crafted a dental implant marketing strategy. It’s time to track your campaigns. 

Identify what KPIs matter most to you. From impressions and clicks to likes and comments, there are many KPIs you can look out for to see what works and what does not.  

You can use various tracking tools, such as Google Analytics, to see in-depth insights about what patients like most, who they are engaging with, and much more. Do specific blogs perform better? Which social post sees more comments and likes? 

Tracking dental implants marketing campaigns provides helpful insights into your business’s performance and where improvement is needed. 


Reach More Clients With A Customised Dental Implants Marketing Campaign! 

The dental implant market is growing exponentially. You can effortlessly gain many patients with proper dental implants marketing efforts to educate your targeted group about dental implant advantages. 

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