Running a dental blog offers lots of benefits for your practice. It gives you a solid foundation for dental SEO, which can help you to attract potential patients, and it also gives you the opportunity to develop your practice philosophy so patients know what to expect when they visit you for dental appointments. But what if you run out of ideas? Fortunately, there is a trove of dental blog topics and patient questions to answer. This article will outline what kind of blog topics to write about and how to keep your patients engaged.


The Benefits Of A Dental Blog


Answer Patient’s Questions

Patients like to do online research before they visit a new dentist or when they are going to have a dental procedure. And that means they have plenty of questions before their appointments. Using your blog to answer frequently asked questions allows you to connect with potential patients about the topics they want to learn about.


benefits blogs content dental sydney mediboostBuild Your Dental SEO

Dentistry is a competitive industry, and many practices are running paid campaigns to keep them at the top of search results.

By developing your dental blog and focusing on dental blog topics that patients are interested in, you tell search engines like Google that your website has lots of unique, authoritative content, which will help you rank better in search results.


Develop Your Online Reputation

Targeting new blog topics gives you the opportunity to relay your unique selling propositions and differentiate your dental practice from the competition. You can focus on your areas of specialisation and how your approach benefits potential patients.


Dental Blog Topics: What Should You Be Writing About?

Keyword research is the most reliable way to understand what potential patients are searching for. Writing about topics of interest to your patients will attract more website traffic and keep your audience engaged for longer.


Dental Services

Dentists offer a wide range of services. While most patients may visit you for general procedures, restorative and cosmetic dentistry are complex topics that will keep you busy writing for a long time. Consider the treatments that patients have the most questions about or the complex procedures that patients may not understand.

Think about each procedure you offer, break it down into subcategories and build a repository of information about each area of service. Think about the questions that patients have asked you in the past, and focus on the areas of interest that keep popping up in your consultations.

Best practice tip: Create a dental SEO plan for your content that details how often you will post and which topics you will focus on every month. This helps you to ensure you are covering all your bases. 


Oral Hygiene And Dental Care

Dental practitioners spend a lot of in-chair time educating patients about dental hygiene topics. Being able to give your patients an overview of what they need to do and directing them to blog posts on your website to read more can help you free up chair time and ensure that no details get lost in conversation.

Best practice tip: create blog categories and filters on your website that make specific content pieces easier to find. 


Technology And New Equipment

While dentistry isn’t developing new services, the technology that supports it is evolving all the time. Dental manufacturers are constantly developing new innovations, equipment, and technology to optimise treatments and procedures.

Best practice tip: Use your dental blog to connect your patients to products that make their experience more comfortable, faster, or more affordable. 


Dental Blog Topics: Types Of Content To Include



How-To Articles

Step-by-step guides are useful when explaining topics like

  • How to brush correctly
  • How to floss correctly
  • How to remove and insert retainers or aligners

You might explain the process while the patient is in front of you, but it’s handy for them to have access to the instructions when they leave. This kind of content will give your dental SEO a boost and provide lots of value to your readers.


Case Studies

Case studies and before and after comparisons are very effective for explaining more complex procedures. Patients want to know what they can expect after their treatment, and showing them examples of previous work done can help to manage their expectations effectively.


writing blog content dental seo sydney mediboostInfographics

Today’s patients are interested in graphic- and video-based content because it’s easy to consume and understand. Infographics are also really useful to share on social media platforms.

Videos give you the chance to connect more intimately with patients and to show them what to expect when they sit in your chair.


Dental Blog Do’s And Don’ts

  • Try to structure your dental blog posts in a reader-friendly format. This means:
  • Focus on what is of interest to the patient
  • Try to avoid chunky paragraphs and technical jargon, which make dental blogs difficult to understand. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short. Use summaries and bullet points as much as possible.
  • Don’t forget to include keywords. Do some keyword research, so you know what terms your patients are using to land on your dental blog.
  • Use images to illustrate your points and give your patients something visual to connect with.
  • If you have related video content or other blogs, be sure to include the links so patients can read more.
  • Make sure you are consistent with posting. Ideally, you should be looking to post new blog content at least every month. Let your patients know when you’ve published something new: share it on your social channels and include it in your newsletter.

Do you need help with dental blog topics or content creation? Working with a dental marketing agency will streamline your digital marketing effort and keep you in touch with new patients.

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