Landing pages serve a very important purpose in digital marketing – to convert more traffic into leads. There are a number of answers to ‘why use landing pages’ but their primary purpose is to convert and for the dental practice that is spending its hard-earned dollars on digital marketing, each conversion is very valuable. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of landing pages for dental practice websites and what you can do to optimise your site for conversions and leads.


Why Your Regular Website Pages Aren’t Always Suitable For Marketing Campaigns

Your practice website may contain separate pages for each of your primary services – and you may even have optimised those pages as part of your SEO strategy. But they have their limitations.

After all, all the pages of dental practice websites should really have one focus keyword – so if you want to target more keywords or search phrases, you’ve got to add more pages. And, if you want to ensure you maximise your return on investment, you’ve also got to ensure that as many visitors as possible exchange contact details with you to make an appointment.  This can happen in different ways:


By making a call to your practice

Future-proof dental practices train their staff to manage telephone calls very well, while others could do with some improvement. If you’re going to direct users to make calls, ensure that your staff are professional and courteous.

Submit and Enquiry

By submitting an enquiry / contact form through your website

If the objective of your landing page is to submit a form, make sure your user gets a return ‘thank you’ message – and that you respond to the query efficiently.


Writing a review

Make it easy for a patient to write a great review by giving consistently excellent service. Give the patient all the links or text areas required – and make sure it’s easy to use!

Sending a referral 

Other professionals are busy too. Increase the likelihood of getting referrals with an efficient and professional interface that referring dentists know how to use on landing.


Why You Should Land All Your Campaign Traffic On Your Home Page

There is a crucial difference between your site’s top level pages and the landing pages you create for marketing campaigns. When a visitor lands on a Service or About page she or he has lots of options:

  • The user could get reading through your blog or
  • Browse your Services pages or
  • Click through to your social media pages and get distracted on social media

Dental websites that offer too many options actually present too many distractions that could interfere with the process of making an appointment. And that’s where the landing page can save the day.


Features Of A Great Landing Page For A Dental Practice


Fewer distractions

Great landing pages are goal-oriented and their primary objective is to get the user to make contact. Very often some of the menu functionality is unavailable on a landing page – to limit the user’s ability to navigate away after landing.

Other contact details like telephone numbers might be minimised or hidden in favour of an electronic form.


Follow an intuitive format

Consider the way users read websites  – it’s in an F-shape. The user starts at the top left of the page and moves the eyes to the right, before dropping onto the next line and scanning from right to left again. And, notice that users actually do more scanning than reading. There’s a flow or pattern that occurs, and the end point of the process is always on the right hand side of the page.

That’s why great landing pages will have a lead capture form always located on the right hand side of the page; it’s the most intuitive place to put it, because it completes the process of scanning a page.

Make it stand out

Unlike a corporate website, the form on a landing page is often a design feature.

Corporate sites tend to formalise and minimise a form, but on a landing page you’ll see successful sales companies using bright, bold or contrasting colours, directional arrows and graphics around the forms to ensure they stand out.

Who Are You Talking To?

Great landing pages are crafted to elicit a specific response – from a specific target audience.

While the pages of your website need to appeal to a broader audience and serve a range of purposes, your landing pages really need to convert users into patients.

That’s why it’s essential that you speak the right language and understand the psychology of your target audience.

who are you talking to
We know that patients seek the advice of the Internet when they have a dental problem – so a reasonable response is to offer a solution through your landing page. Your tone needs to be authoritative but approachable. And your objective should be to show the potential patient that you have the skills and experience to assist with that problem, to get that user to take the next step.


Why Use Landing Pages On Dental Practice Websites?

Each campaign that you run should have a dedicated landing page that offers your potential patient information only about their query.

The objective of that landing page would be to satisfy your user to the extent that he or she feels you can be trusted, and you have the expertise to assist with their problem so that the user makes direct contact.

Sounds like a lot to do, right? That’s where we can help.

Mediboost specialises in digital marketing for dental practice websites. We can assist you in identifying your niche, and in creating an online marketing strategy to help you reach out to your target audience. Our expertise lies in combining effective design with persuasive copy and lead-generating digital marketing activities that attract new patients.


We can assist you with

Dental practice website audits and needs analysis

Our experienced digital marketing team will have a consultation with you, to find out what makes you really unique, and research how best to attract your ideal patient.


A digital marketing plan

We’ll work together for a few months, crafting content and making your digital presence known to try and capture each conversion.


Welcoming new patients to your practice

Our methodology of digital marketing for dental practice websites attracts new patients. If you’d like to find out more about why use landing pages, and how you can get more out of your marketing, it’s time to contact us: 1300 163 058.