Your digital presence, i.e., your website, is a lot like your clinic. What happens when your office overflows with patients, and there isn’t enough space for them to wait around or for staff to tend to them? Havoc ensues, and your clinic stops working at its optimum. 

It’s the same with your website. Suppose too many people visit it at once. In that case, the website may become too slow, show design elements unevenly, and may not be able to provide the finest experience to its visitors. 

The significance of routine website maintenance can’t be overstated. It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you put into your website development, design and hosting. Abandoning and neglecting regular website maintenance will eventually give you no benefit.

It all comes down to how you plan website development and its maintenance. Continue reading as we uncover all the things involved in website maintenance


The ever-evolving digital landscape and dental practice marketing

Keeping pace with the rapidly changing behaviours of modern consumers can be daunting. But despite the challenges of an increasingly digital lifestyle, it’s important to note that no business can survive without an online presence, and by default, this means regular website maintenance

importance regular maintenance dental website sydney mediboostThere is stiff competition in every field, and the dental service industry is no exception. And that’s why there is no better way than a website to reach a wider audience and increase your client base. Having a fully-functioning dental website should be a crucial component of your strategy when building a robust online reputation for your practice. This is why ongoing website maintenance is important. 

People heavily rely on Google search to find nearby healthcare services, including dentists. According to a survey, Australians aged 18-64 not only go online but pretty much live online. The ability to access information any time of the day, anywhere with a smartphone, has changed how we think and behave.

Moreover, click to call is the new house call for Australians looking for a dentist as Aussies turn to mobile to find help for everything from toothaches to root canals. 

So, when people come looking for dental service, your website should stand out from the crowd to appeal to them. This is why frequent website maintenance is a must for your dental practice. 

It’s vital for a dentist to invest in a stunning dental website, undergo website development, and conduct web maintenance for the dental website on a regular basis ensuring functioning at all times of the day. 


A brief overview of web maintenance for dental websites

It’s crucial to build a custom website to maintain steady growth for your practice. Your dental website should be fast, easy to use, and set you up as an expert in the field. 

And it needs regular TLC in the form of website maintenance to continue doing all those things?

When your website – which is an online representation of your dental clinic – is not maintained, it may come across as unprofessional and outdated. This can cause your visitors to bounce off searching other dental sites that seem more professional, making it difficult for you to find leads and secure appointments online. 

In short, regular website maintenance is the key to a good functioning dental service presence online. 



Monitoring the health of your dental website

As a dentist, can you tell if someone is taking care of their oral hygiene or not without looking into it?

How would you know if something is wrong with your website unless you monitor its technical details and performance

It’s best to work with a professional service with the time and resources to keep a close eye on emerging issues, possible downtime, slow speed, etc., and fix the problems as and when they are discovered. 

Regular website maintenance is the only way to ensure that your dental practice website continues to function smoothly without leading to a loss in user experience and unnecessary downtime. 

From ensuring the host server is functioning correctly to reviewing links, monitoring website analytics to checking the online appointment module – each and everything matters. 


Need help with web maintenance of dental websites?

There is no denying the fact that website development and then website maintenance is the most crucial part of your online presence. Consumers nowadays prefer searching dental and dentist information online before making up their minds and decisions.

web maintenance health monitoring sydney mediboostA content-rich website with up-to-date information, patient reviews, fully-functioning pages, an easy-to-use navigation panel, and relevant photos will create an edge in the marketplace. 

Mediboost offers a wide array of services to assist with web maintenance of dental websites and solutions for maintaining your current website and constantly updating it according to recent trends. 

Having a support system allows you to maximize your potential and position yourself powerfully in front of your digital audience. You get the freedom of not having to worry about the functionality of your website allowing you to concentrate on what you do best, serving your patients. For all these benefits and more, you can count on Mediboost. 

Mediboost is the leading digital agency specialising in the medical sector in Australia and is here to work with you and help you grow your dental practice. Our website maintenance service is specially designed for dentists, so you can feel confident in knowing that your dental practice online site will be continually running at its optimum levels whatever time of the day or night.

Is your dental website not functioning as well as it should? If so, Get in touch with our highly skilled team today. We work with growth-minded dental practices of all sizes and we can help you with the web maintenance for your dental website. Call us on 1300 163 058 to book a strategy meeting.  





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