If you want to know how to find keyword ranking for your website you should work with a digital marketing agency to create an SEO strategy for your online presence.  We’ve noticed that a lot of clients think that just by mentioning a keyword once their website should rank on the first page of Google search. But if you know anything about the Google algorithm, you’ll understand that it isn’t quite as clear-cut as that.


How To Get Your Website To Rank For Your Chosen Keywords

Choosing keywords for your dental website is a bi-directional exercise. You might want to include a lot of synonyms for your dental services and products because you know they are technically correct.

But not every user went to medical school – most of your visitors are lay people who may be using very different terms to find your website.

It also isn’t necessary to use every single keyword connected to your brand. You do need to consider the user’s intent. Someone wanting to know more about dentists, in general, might be making a school project or thinking about a career decision. Users that want to know specifics about your equipment or process could very well be suppliers or vendors, not patients looking to make appointments.

Working with a digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO will help you to strike a balance between the correct professional terminology, and the actual language that your potential patients are using.


How To Rank your Website for Specific Keywords

If you still want to find keyword ranking reports for your dental website there are different sites and tools you can use (like Google Tag Manager) to see where your site ranks. But why it ranks in that position, and how to improve that standing require the help of a professional SEO agency.


Building A Content Plan

If you consider the current size of the world wide web (which is currently in excess of 6.45 billion website pages), and the number of competitors in your area you will realise quickly that search engines have a lot of content to get through – and that is growing exponentially all the time.

One mention of an important keyword is not a big enough signal to end to search engines to let them know that you have corresponding information for that search query. You need an entire page of unique content dedicated to that keyword to be able to claim the top spot on Google search. 

But, as we all know, that by itself is not enough either. Just landing the traffic on your website is only doing half the job. You need to get that user to contact you and make an appointment.

keyword ranking
There are numerous tactics that need to be employed to garner someone’s trust, and they all relate to your online branding and the perception you can create in your reader’s mind. 


Increasing keywords ranking with content authority

Writing authoritative content influences how knowledgeable you appear, and thus how qualified you are to solve a patient’s problem.


Being approachable

Being welcoming and approachable helps to make the user feel comfortable enough to put their problem in your hands.


Showing evidence of success

Being able to show a potential patient previous examples of work done, and similar cases to theirs also contributes to that patient feeling like you have the skills to be able to help. A ‘before and after’ gallery can be a much more effective tool than just telling them.


Letting Google and other Search Engines Know Your Content Is Out There

Various technical processes need to be employed to let the search engines know that you have created new content about a new search query. Each of your new content pieces must be optimised for search.

Your digital marketing agency will ensure that each piece includes a compelling meta description and meta title, and that the keyword or keywords are used in various important places across the web page.


Ranking your Chosen Keywords Against Your Competitors

Of course, your online marketing activities for your dental practice are not going to take place in a vacuum. Your market is a living breathing entity online, new players are coming and going all the time. And because of the way that search algorithms work, the competition around you will always influence your performance.

Your digital marketing agency knows the right tools and techniques to stay abreast of your competitors and their progress and ensure that your dental website is always one step ahead in your SEO strategy.


Making It Easy To Get In Touch

Some patients like making phone calls while others may not feel comfortable enough to call, and would prefer an email address. Modern audiences are showing a growing preference for online chat and WhatsApp lines.

Don’t make the mistake of making your user work to get in touch. If it’s too much hard work, they might just give up.


Monitor Your Results And Improve Your Keyword Rankings

Once you have dedicated time and resources to search engine optimisation and online marketing you need to monitor your progress and make the necessary changes to improve on it. But the problem is, if you don’t work with a digital marketing agency that specialises in dental marketing, you might not know where or how to improve your rankings in Google search.

When you work with a specialist marketing agency like Mediboost we create goals for new patient enquiries, and then we craft a strategy to acquire them.  We do our research to help you to find keyword ranking for your website and improve on your performance month-on-month.

To find out more about the process and how we can turn traffic into appointments please contact us: 1300 163 058.