An effective SEO campaign strategy can help your business website to rank high in Google searches and send targeted traffic to your website, generating leads and ultimately growing your business. But if you’ve been busy running a medical or dental practice, how it happens is probably still a mystery. Today we’re going to take a closer look at just what search engine optimisation entails, and how you can use it to benefit your business.


The business case for SEO

SEO or search engine optimisation incorporates a range of tactics and techniques to increase the number of visitors to a website, as a result of its prominence in search results. And if you consider how much time and effort you have spent on your website, it only makes sense to ensure it is optimised well enough to show up when your target audience is looking for a medical or dental service.

Your website is an investment – your SEO campaign strategy is what will help you to reap the rewards of your investment.

For dental and medical practice owners, however, SEO is a cloudy term because it’s largely invisible, and for most practice owners, it’s never really clear what’s being done – or how the work is being carried out. At Mediboost we follow a transparent workflow that ensures our clients always know what’s going on in their SEO campaigns.


Need To Improve SEO Strategy?

Perhaps you’ve already worked with an online marketing agency in Sydney and you’ve been underwhelmed by the results? Or you’ve heard lots about it from friends and colleagues, but don’t really get how it can make a difference to your bottom line? Here’s how we can help:


It All Starts With An SEO Assessment 

In order to improve SEO strategy we need to know where you currently stand. Our expert team of online marketers and search analysts will evaluate your website in respect of its:



Does your site feature unique, rich content that users will find beneficial? Does your content accurately reflect the services and products you offer? We will make recommendations on key areas of your website that should be improved.



Has your website been indexed by major search engines and do all the bots and crawlers know about it? Does your site have a healthy amount of external links, or is this something that needs to be worked on?


Competitive analysis

How does your site measure up against other providers in your niche? How much work needs to be done to your site to make it competitive?

Coupled with that, how much business is out there in your niche? How many new patients are looking for your services in your area?

Creating An SEO Strategy Plan For Your Practice

While there are formulae and techniques that we apply to ensure our customers’ results exceed expectations, there is some customisation that needs to occur with every campaign.

This is done to highlight your unique selling features and to ensure your market differentiators are taken into account.

SEO Strategy

Why Work With Mediboost?

We know that there are plenty of online marketing agencies out there, but Mediboost has a very specific service delivery model that ensures our customers continually reap the rewards of their SEO strategies.


We’re results-oriented

An SEO strategy plan can be a long term and on-going process- in fact we recommend that our clients are in it for the long haul – but at the same time we also realise that it’s results that are going to keep our customers happy. That means that each of our campaigns is focused solely on generating results. And by results we mean new patients calls every month.

That’s our benchmark for success – not the number of words written, guest posts published online, or even traffic to site. We know that SEO results only matter if they translate into business.


We’ll ensure your brand gets seen

We can only achieve great results if we can make your brand visible in search results. By working closely with Mediboost, you will see your website appear in the first page of Google’s search results.


We will track your return on investment

In today’s incredibly competitive markets we know that our clients are spoilt for choice when it comes to spending a marketing budget. By tracking your return on investment you will soon understand how an SEO campaign is the most cost-effective and future-proof way to market your business online.


We stay in touch with your target audience

Every medical or dental practice we work with has a niche and serves a target audience. Our intensive keyword research will ensure that we target words that patients are actually using to give your content a better chance of visibility when a user types a search query into Google.


You benefit from our experience and transparency

Our experienced team includes a team of Account Managers whose responsibility is to translate the needs and results of the technical team into a language you can understand and learn from. Our Account Managers will ensure you are always in the loop with developments to your campaign, and will be available to assist you with anything you might need on a day-to-day basis.

We know from past experience that the best combination for an effective SEO strategy is a subject matter expert (you) and a technical expert (Mediboost).


Let’s chat a bit more about an SEO campaign strategy for your practice. Please get in touch with us: 1300 163 058.