Need to expand your practice? Want to grow your patient database? Working with an experienced medical marketing agency to develop a marketing strategy can help you achieve just that.

The world is changing at a rapid pace and as it does, the marketing opportunities for medical practices are improving in terms of their accuracy in targeting, advertising reach and market differentiators. Digital marketing in Australia is also evolving and, by working with an experienced agency, you can tap into this growing market. Let’s investigate some of the digital marketing strategies available to your practice when you partner with Mediboost.

Search Visibility – Get Out There & Drop A Pin

Making regular Citations Updates and publishing regular, optimised blog articles, also tells search engines that you work on your site regularly and that you’re interested in serving your customers fresh, unique content.

Google My Business is one example of how local marketing can benefit your practice. It should contain all your essential contact details, your company branding and images, as well as your address. There are other online directories that a medical branding agency can help you manage.

Content Marketing Is Still The King

Investing in high quality content is an investment in the future of your practice, and working with an agency that specialises in digital marketing in Australia will ensure that those articles receive the right level of marketing exposure for your target audience. It’s of course good to have the content, but it needs to be circulated to the appropriate places to attract the attention of your target audience.

Content Marketing

Why Is It Important?

Search engines will promote sites that offer unique, interesting and authoritative content, because that results in a positive user experience for their clients (who happen to be your patients too). But there’s writing a medical article, and there’s writing an article that the layperson can understand and search engines can index.

There’s a science behind it, and Mediboost can assist you with a strategy that prioritises your readers’ needs, and satisfies search algorithms.

Google Ads

Like them or loathe them, Google Ads aren’t going anywhere. And the reason for that is that they just work in a short space of time. They make launching a new site a success, and can assist with marketing to your existing patient database like never before. So how can Google Ads improve your marketing performance?

It All Starts With A Search

Consumers go to Google when they’re looking for a new product or service. But that’s not all. They also look for the product or service nearest to them, and Google is able to suggest doctors, dentists and specialists that are listed as being in the locale. Google literally gives medical practices the opportunity to get on the map and, in so doing, promote their practice to the local community.

How Does This Benefit You?

If you consider the size and scope of the Internet, your new 10 page website is a small drop in a very large pool. It is going to take the search engines some time to index your new pages. It could be a few days, it could take a few months.

By investing in Google Ads you can give your practice a springboard to jump to the top of the results page and generate some leads while you wait for your organic content to be optimised.

Granted, there are some people who prefer to click on organic search results, but most consumers are in a hurry. They know Google has high standards and they know that anything appearing close to the top of the search results is credible and trustworthy.

Can’t I Run Google Ads Myself?

Sure, you probably could get a basic campaign up and running, but the ad space is dynamic and needs constant work. If it isn’t your day job, it is more cost effective to leave it to the professionals to do what they specialise in.

Run Google Ads
When you work with a professional healthcare marketing agency like Mediboost, a professional team of copywriters will be able to summarise your offering into the mere 30 or 90 characters that are allowed, in an appealing and accurate way.

You will also have a team of digital strategists managing and monitoring your campaign, because Google Ads works on a bidding system and adjustments need to be made on a constant basis for your ads to compete.

It isn’t a ‘set it and forget it’ kind of exercise – adjustments need to be made based on your ad’s performance – and that requires management.

Track This Patient’s Behaviour And Learn From It

Using Analytics and Google Ads you can monitor what each user is doing on your website. From the search query that landed that patient on your website, through all the pages that were browsed and any action that were taken – all of these metrics are available to you to use, study and incorporate into your digital marketing strategies.

Based on this behaviour, you can make adjustments to your digital strategy. Mediboost’s medical marketing team will craft a content management plan that capitalises on what your users want.

Google Remarketing Is A Game Changer

Once you have paid for that click, remarketing allows you to retain contact with that user by remarketing your practice with display ads. For up to two years after the user clicked, you can track them and show your display ads to them, in order for them to take action.

You can also target your social media audience using remarketing tags, linking the channels to one another and optimising your budget.

In 2019 the opportunities for digital marketing for medical practices are endless. Let’s have a cup of coffee and discuss how our medical marketing agency can boost your medical brand’s online visibility. Call us today on 1300 163 058 for a consultation.