This year presents a wealth of opportunities for medical practices as technologies improve, competition increases, and dental and medical practices focus more on what their patients want to deliver – a superior product and service. If you want to get ahead this year, here are our top healthcare marketing tips that will help you get there.


Content Is Still King In Digital Marketing

Believe it or not, despite the boom in tech, content remains king of the hill. Users still want to consume content online. They want to understand what could be wrong with them, how they get help, and what that will cost them. Today’s consumer is more informed and empowered than ever and wants you to meet halfway.

That means the more information you can make available the greater the net you can cast to connect with users online.


SEO Is Still Vital

Great content is one thing, but making that content searchable and easy to find is another matter. You could have the most impressive collection of articles, case studies, and before-and-after photo galleries, but if no one knows it exists, it doesn’t actually benefit you.


As the Internet gets bigger and our digital world expands, the importance of filtering information has never been greater. Not only do you need to create that content, but you also need to ensure that it is indexable so it can be put to use.


Remember Google’s EAT algorithm stands for Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness – those are the benchmarks you need to satisfy with your content to earn search visibility from Google. We’re highlighting this because Google’s August 2018 update actually affected the medical industry specifically, to the extent that it earned the nickname ‘medic’.

Landing Pages Will Still Drive Conversions

The good news is that landing pages are still in fashion and will serve an important function in healthcare marketing for 2019. Landing pages allow you to serve targeted information for a user’s query rather than directing them to your home page and expecting them to figure out how and where to find the relevant information.

A landing page that is well-designed makes use of strategic calls to action, focused advertising, and minimal distraction.

Drive Conversions

Don’t Forget About Mobile Search

More users than ever will visit your dental or medical website from a device while they’re on the move. If you do not have a Google Maps listing or haven’t claimed your address, you are losing out on valuable traffic.

The notion of geofencing or tracing a user’s location provides valuable insight into their behaviours and interests. This data enables you to provide targeted digital marketing strategies to the right people.


Big Data Means Big Marketing

Thanks to today’s technologies, there is plenty of big data out there waiting to be mined, examined, and interpreted. How willing are you to get in there and do it?  The migration to electronic health records may not have been seamless or without its faults, but it is inevitable and the data transition will get better over time.

How ready is your practice to take advantage of the opportunities that this presents?


Big Data Means The Customer Still Comes First

With so much intelligence to inform and shape marketing strategies, there is no reason not to put your customer first. So much feedback is available, so many listening and willing competitors are out there, and it just doesn’t make sense to ignore your target audience.

The patient experience really is a priority for this year. And if you can’t satisfy your patient’s expectations, you can be assured that a competitor will be hot on your heels.

Also, if you can’t satisfy your patient, you can rest assured that a negative review will be posted somewhere. If you’re going to talk the talk, you need to walk the walk. All those marketing channels that you can benefit from can also promote your shortcomings if you are not careful.

Years ago, medical professionals could refer patients to other medical professionals for specialised treatments. Today’s patients are really consumers and are more than happy to seek out their own referrals. In fact,with platforms like WebMD, users have the option to refer and self diagnose symptoms online. Medical and dental websites that do not monopolise on these opportunities will be left behind.

Accessible for Patients

Tech Is Getting More Accessible For Patients

Sure, lots of patients want to know more about their bodies, ailments, and overall health, but they also want the tools they need to make healthcare easier for them too. For many years, dental and medical websites served a predominantly informative role.

Today’s users also want to be able to make a booking online in the middle of the night or settle a bill online. They want to be able to choose their slot rather than be told when they can come in or renew a prescription without inconvenience. They don’t really care if it’s a chatbot answering their questions, what matters most is accurate and timeous information.

Native Advertising Gets Bigger

The power of native advertising is that it allows advertisers to push advertising content to their consumers wherever they are. Medical and dental centres can take full advantage of this by sending highly targeted to their users.


Video Pushes Conversions

Video isn’t going anywhere either. The ease with which it can convey important tutorials and how-to information is very valuable and studies show that a video can influence on-page conversions.

Video allows you to engage your user on so many different levels; it really shouldn’t be ignored as a tool in your digital marketing toolbox this year.


Digital Marketing Automation Makes Everything So Much Easier

Medical digital marketing is so much easier when all functions are automated. We live in the time of the on-demand economy and quite frankly, medical and dental practices can’t afford to miss a beat.

Automate responses to email sign-ups and email enquiries so your users aren’t left hanging. Send out automated birthday and holiday greetings so your patients know they have been remembered, and take the hassle out of remembering out of the equation.

In summary, the healthcare marketing trends for 2019 certainly seem like they will shake up the industry. Of course, technology will play an increasingly important role in the future of medical marketing and the practices that are willing to work with it stand to benefit the most.


If these digital marketing tips for medical and dental practices raised more questions for you, we’d be happy to discuss some answers over a cup of coffee. Get in touch with us and let’s see how we can make 2019 the year for your practice: 1300 163 058