2019 is a great time to own a medical practice, because the restrictions that once governed medical advertising Australia have been relaxed. This means there are lots of opportunities to reach out to your target audience and show potential patients what you do best. Mediboost specialises in helping dental and medical practices to advertise their services to niche markets in Australia.


The Digital Landscape Holds Opportunities For Medical Advertising

The growth of the Internet has holds plenty of opportunities for medical practices. Each patient owns a smart device and many of them go to the Internet in search of advice for medical issues.

Mediboost can help your practice grow its online presence, so that you are visible when your target audience is looking for your products and services.


The Power Of Your Website

Your website is a powerful tool in an age where consumers are so reliant on digital information to help them make decisions.

Not only that; the market is growing too. Over the last decade the amount spent on healthcare has increased by around 50%, to a total spend of $710-billion by 2015/2016. This equates to an average of $7100 per person for that period.

With so many consumers using search engines like Google, it only makes sense to have a website that performs well in search. Mediboost’s Search Engine Optimisation packages have been designed to help dental and medical practices like yours take advantage of the power of digital marketing.

By way of example, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s 2018 Report highlights that 406 000 visits are made to a general practitioner on an average day.

By creating unique, high value content for patients, you can elevate your brand and establish your practice as an authority in your field. Through well crafted medical advertising in Australia, you can achieve a number of objectives:

  • You can provide answers to patients’ queries

Today’s consumers are well informed and many of them have strong opinions about their healthcare. They use the Internet to find information before, during and after they consult with healthcare practitioners.

By providing answers to questions, you can create a relationship with patients before they make that first appointment.

Patient Queries
  • You can convey your practice specialties and fields of expertise

By creating well optimised content for your readers, you can give them an idea of where your specialties lie. This creates a relationship of trust because you’re giving some degree of free information. This shows you care about informing your patients. So, if you have a patient who values this approach, you’re going to make a good impression.


  • You can give your patients a good look at your practice philosophy

Your website and its content work 24-hours a day to generate an impression to users who come across it. It should do a good job at demonstrating what your mission, vision and values are, so that you can attract patients with similar belief systems.

Today’s market offers the opportunity to market niche products and services to the patients who have these needs.

Good Search Visibility Generates A Positive Reputation

Mediboost can help you to climb Google search results pages and appear close to the top, increasing your chances of a potential patient clicking on your advert.


Geo-Targeting Maximises Convenience

Today’s marketing tools like Google My Business and location marketing mean that you can highlight your practice to potential patients who are physically close to your address.

With more practitioners available to them, patients no longer have to travel long distances to find specialists. Mediboost can help you with a medical advertising strategy that matches you to patients in your area.


Word Of Mouth Travels Fast

We all know that word of mouth marketing and referrals generate high quality leads. Even if you don’t want to be a part of the digital revolution, the fact that your patients are means that you’ll be spoken about online anyway.

A social media mention and a Google Review carry a lot of weight in today’s social economy so it only makes sense to be on the good side of it. A practice that consistently delivers a high standard of care, has a committed and qualified staff and that takes a proactive stance to their online reputation will deliver word of mouth referrals.

Practitioners who make patients wait for unreasonable periods of time, practices that never seem to have appointments or providers that over-charge, are also going to be spoken about online.

Your online brand is the sum total of experiences that a patient has, at all touch points. At Mediboost, we strive to ensure this brand experience is as positive and seamless as possible. We’ll work with you to customise a digital marketing strategy that delivers results and attracts new patients.


To find out more about how medical advertising Australia can benefit your practice, please get in touch with us: 1300 163 058.