Effective dental marketing is the lifeblood of your practice. Your dental marketing strategy is what will attract new patients and help you grow your practice. Even though so many advertising and marketing options are available, using your dental website as a foundation will springboard you toward building a successful, growing dental practice. We’ve put this article together to help you with new ideas for marketing dental practice.


Marketing Dental Practice: Ideas To Attract New Patients


Dental SEO

Search engine optimisation is a significant component of any dental marketing strategy because it enables you to build a content base for long-term dental marketing. Your dental website is one of the first places potential patients will go to research your practice before they make an appointment. Making sure it is full of useful content makes your website an important resource for patients.

Dental SEO continues to deliver results for as long as your website is live. Detailed services pages on your dental website act as your online storefront even when your practice is closed. Informative blog posts answer your patients’ questions and prepare them for their appointments, no matter what time they might be searching for help.


dental marketing services manage sydney mediboostHow To Boost Your Dental Marketing With SEO?

  • Create a content plan to centre your long-tail content around. Answer patients’ questions, explain treatments and procedures and convey your practice philosophy with detailed blog posts that address patient concerns and needs.
  • Make sure your practice has a Google Business profile. Create your Google Maps listing and list your contact details so patients in your area can connect with you quickly and easily.
  • Create links to other authoritative sites, so search engines know your dental website is important.


Get Active On Social Media

Today’s patients are active on social media all the time. They are constantly influenced and informed by the content they consume on social media platforms, so if your practice doesn’t include social in its dental marketing strategy, you are losing out. Social media gives you a chance to connect with patients throughout the day to share your practice news and views.


How To Improve Dental Marketing On Social Media?

  • Choose two to three channels that you can give your attention to. Decide when and what to post and create a social media plan. Consider a scheduling tool, so you communicate with your target audience at the right time. Measure your results and make improvements constantly.
  • Develop organic content and set a budget for paid marketing campaigns to drive traffic to our dental website or social channels. Make sure you give some thought to video content and graphics so you can connect with patients on an emotive level. Use hashtags to serve content on trending topics, and make it easier for potential patients to find your content.



Using Paid Ads For Marketing Dental Practice

Because dentistry is so competitive, you should consider some paid ads, particularly if your practice is new. Boosting your ad position in Google Ads can keep your practice front of sight for anyone searching for your services.

Social media platforms also have a paid component now, which you can use to attract more followers or to make sure your posts get higher engagement. You can also create targeted audiences based on user interests and locations.


Using Paid Ads To Boost Website Traffic

  • Identify which products or services patients near you are searching for and create text ads that land visitors on your dental website. Consider running promotions or specials to boost your dental marketing efforts to give patients a reason to reach out and contact you.
  • Set a maximum budget per click or per day to manage your budget. One of the best features of paid ads is you can decide how much you want to spend when you want your ads to run and who you would like to see them.


attracting new patients practice dentistry sydney mediboostDon’t Forget About Your Existing Patients

Most patients need to be reminded about their recall appointments, so your database management needs to be on point. By communicating with your patients regularly, you ensure they do not miss important check-ups. It also keeps you in contact, so they do not decide to go somewhere else. Dental marketing to your existing patients represents an important component of any dental marketing strategy, using channels like SMS, email newsletters, and WhatsApp.


How To Use Existing Patients For Marketing Dental Practice?

  • Make sure your patient database is up to date at all times. Ask your patients what their communication channel of preference is and what kind of information they would like to receive from you. Include forwarding options so your patients can share your content with other people who might find it useful. Use your patients’ preferred channels to let them know about any new services you offer, as well as practice news like introducing new members of the team.


Get Listed Online

Make sure your practice is listed with online directories so that patients can find you easier. In addition to making your dental website more visible in search results, having directory listings on high-ranking sites also contributes to your SEO efforts by giving you more links to your website.


Professional Dental Marketing Services

Dental marketing is a full-time job that requires an intricate interplay of specialised services. When you work with a professional marketing agency, you have access to digital marketing specialists, copywriters, graphic designers, and web marketers who will give your dental practice focused attention on a day-to-day basis, so you can focus on what you do best: managing your dental practice.

For sustained results, you need professional insights into marketing dental practice and dedicated resources to keep you ahead of your competition. Please contact us on 1300 163 058 to set up your free consultation.





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