What comes to your mind when you hear local search citations or business listings? How do they actually help with your dental practice? Are they necessary for your dental website’s success? 

Many dentists struggle to get featured in Google search results (SERP) and Google Maps. Undoubtedly, dentists need to ask these questions if they are new to citation management. Learn the ins and outs of efficiently optimising your citations to take advantage of dental SEO.

International or local search citations are indeed one of the critical variables in local search engine optimisation. Millions of dentists wanting to be found online must invest in citations to maximise their ROI. 

Moreover, setting up citations and managing local SEO requires a lot of hard work. On the contrary, when performed incorrectly, it can end up becoming a nightmare just to clean those disastrous citations.

 New challenges for dental practices are constantly rising in Australia, hence, dentists need to plan accordingly. As a result, they align their practice and leverage local SEO to increase their online presence and build a strong reputation. 

For dentists new to the world of online marketing, this comprehensive guide will walk through every facet of local citations and business listings to improve your local SEO and marketing strategy. 


Local search citations for dentists – A brief overview

seo and citations sydney mediboostIn simpler terms, local citations are any online reference to a dental business featuring contact details of the practice information like name, practice address, and phone number (NAP).

They are listed on another website and can trigger search algorithms about your practice’s legitimacy and authentication. 

They are also known as business listings, and local citations allow Google’s search algorithm to rank your dental practice website and ultimately impact your local dental SEO ranking. 


A quick intro to local dental SEO

Local SEO is the process of optimising Google My Business listings to increase digital presence and rankings. It directly impacts positions in Google Maps and other local searches while allowing the dentist to connect with new patients seeking out a top-rated dentist in their local area. 

According to research, 46% of total google searchers embrace local search citations and information. It clearly indicates that almost half of the entire Australian population’s go-to mechanism for finding a dentistry business within their location is local SEO (search engine optimization). 

Moreover, 97% of locals prefer using search platforms to find a local business while 54% of the population carry out local business searches at least once a month.

Moreover, more and more patients are researching dentists online using their smartphones, where 88% of local business searches are made on mobile – local SEO is becoming more vital for survival. 

In a nutshell, it highlights the significance of dental SEO, Google listings, and local search citations



Key strategies to enhance local search citations and dental SEO

So what are exactly these local SEO tips that every dentist should know?

Firstly, local citation building is, without a doubt, an effective strategy for dentistry. Marketers understand that the search marketing industry is continuously evolving, and so too, is the local dental SEO process.

In short, local citation management is the key to start climbing the search engine results, and here’s how you can also reap its benefits. 


It all starts with keyword research

Just like other SEO strategies, local dental SEO begins with keywords, hence, take time out to perform keyword research extensively and adequately. Begin by listing any services your dental practice offers and adding a geo-targeted location E.g. If your dental practice is in Surry Hills and you want to promote dental implants, then you should aim for ‘dental implants Surry Hills’  

One great tip here is when choosing the keywords, opt for long-tail keywords are they are more specific and less competitive. 


Website optimisation is the key to increasing website traffic

Certainly, there are a number of things you can do to optimise your dental practice website allowing it to rank well in SERP. But the most crucial elements are contact details applied in the page title and description. Although, nowadays, schema markup enables local dentists to create a separate page for each location. These business listings are great for boosting your search engine ranking. 

Hence proving that local citations allow the dentist to deliver and empower the best possible patient experience through leveraging website optimisation. 


Work on your Google My Business page 

Another significant way of beefing up your local rankings is to work on your Google My Business page, as it’s used by the google search engine across various platforms and mediums. 

citations dental marketing sydney mediboostCapitalizing your Google My Business page is possible by ensuring that all information matches other local search citations.

Make sure all the information and details provided are accurate and updated. After all, posting incorrect information could result in losing a patient. 

Don’t forget to maximise its impact by adding relevant dental clinic photos, as it gives patients an idea of what to expect. Not only this, pictures play a significant role in building online creditability. 


NAP listing standardisation is essential

In order to maintain the local SEO and local citation impact, it’s crucial to standardise NAP business listings. These three elements:

  • Name
  • Address and 
  • Phone number

must appear the same across your social channels, online listings, and local search citations. Therefore, it’s worth spending time to carefully check your NAP listings. 

If you do discover any wrong or inaccurate local citations, rectify them immediately as it could harm your online reputation and Google ranking. 


Ready to work on local search citations for your dental practice?

Undoubtedly, acquiring new patients is the lifeblood of any successful dentistry, but due to the fluctuating economic and behavioural circumstances, producing the right amount of quality leads is indeed difficult. This is exactly why dental practitioners need local citations, business listings, and SEO.

Remember, local dental SEO and business listings are ongoing. One must claim and optimise their practice online listings or directories with just one goal – attracting more patients. 

Besides this, local search listings help dentists improve their local rankings, earn referral traffic, and ultimately grow their business. In short, it’s definitely possible to build an online reputation for your dental practice through local citations and by taking advantage of other authority business page listings. 

If you don’t have time or are struggling with local business citations, Mediboost is at your service. Partner with the leading dental marketing agency in Australia to take your business to the next level. Call now 1300 163 058 to schedule an appointment today.




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