While competition among dental practices might be high, Mediboost can help you with how to market your dental practice.  Reaching your target audience today requires an integrated marketing approach, and a dental strategy that we can follow to attract new patients to your practice.


Taking Advantage Of The World Wide Web

Your dental marketing strategy should incorporate a range of activities that target the people you want to frequent your practice. And, as technology evolves at a rapid pace, the marketing mix that needs to go into each strategy, is evolving all the time, too.


Creating The Right Website For Your Practice

Every dental practice needs a professional website that tells your unique brand story. Your website needs to be up to standard, in terms of what a modern audience wants to use. It should be intuitive and designed to tell the user what to do next. It should be connected to your social accounts, and offer your patients the option of online chat.

It needs to be responsive, so that different users can use different devices to view it. And, of course, it needs to do a great job of selling your unique proposition.

Your dental website project requires different disciplines to come together successfully to create a great user experience for your potential patients:

  • An intuitive layout
  • Easy to get in touch with you
  • Sales-oriented copy that understands your users’ needs and explains how you can help
  • Appropriate image choice
  • Effective branding so that patients can connect your physical practice to the online experience.

Mediboost specialises in dental websites, and dental marketing strategies that cater to the unique needs of our dental practice clients.


Dominating Search Results

The reality is that each potential patient can get in touch with you from the palm of their hands. Today’s consumers all have smartphones, smart apps and smart networks that help them to filter the world around them. All new patients begin their journey with a search. Maybe it’s on Google, perhaps it’s on a social channel – or maybe it’s asking friends and family for recommendations.

Mediboost can help to refine your dental marketing strategy so that your dental practice has a clear and active presence on the channels that your audience uses.


Search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO isn’t a new tactic for dental marketing. In fact, the practice of applying search engine optimisation has been around for decades. But the fine details of what matters, and how to do it, is a constantly evolving algorithm that takes full time commitment.

Mediboost specialises in SEO strategies that attract new patients to your practice. While we know that lots of traffic is important, we also know that it needs to be targeted traffic if it is to benefit your practice.

How does search engine optimisation work?

There are a few different components involved in a dental SEO Strategy. In order to do SEO, you need to have content that can be seen. Mediboost will develop a content strategy where our professional team will prepare dental content that addresses your patients’ needs.

Our technical team will then take that content and ensure the correct practices are applied to give the content maximum exposure to your target audience.

how to market dental practice
We will collaborate with you, because you know your business the best, and we’ll apply our industry expertise to ensure the best possible results are achieved.



Part of ensuring high visibility in search engines requires that your practice has a known geo-location so that the patients who need your services can find you easily.

As areas become more densely populated, and patients become more discerning, it’s very possible to create a unique brand identity and cater to the growing population’s needs and growing awareness of the importance of dental health.


Getting Social

Today’s audiences are socialised. Their social media networks play a very big role in their decision-making process. Some patients like to check social media pages to look for reviews and see what other users had to say. Others ask for recommendations from their personal profiles and on public forums.

Your social media marketing efforts give you the opportunity to show potential patients what your practice is like, what you stand for and the level of service they can expect at your practice. It gives your brand a human element that could make you more approachable.


Measuring the results of your dental marketing strategy

A dental marketing strategy is only as effective as the results it generates, and at Mediboost our focus is on achieving your practice goals.

Our interaction will begin with a consultation where we’ll be able to discuss your needs and wants in great detail. We will prepare a strategy that is designed to achieve your goals. We’ll do the research to show you just what is possible with your budget, and provide a timeline for the results you can expect.


Delivering A Great Patient Experience

Working with a niche dental marketing agency like Mediboost gives you more time to focus on running your practice and delivering the best possible service. And that’s really important to our dental marketing efforts, because news travels really fast in today’s digital age.

When potential patients ask around (or read online reviews) it’s essential that your practice has received positive feedback.

Mediboost’s advanced dental marketing research tools allow us to tell you what patients are searching for – and how you can fulfil those needs. While every practice will have its own wants and needs, these need to be combined with those of your patients, in order to communicate effectively.

Dental Marketing for your practice is an intensive process that requires focused attention. If you’re interested in finding out how to market your dental practice it’s time to get in touch with us: 1300 163 058