There aren’t many professions where first-time customers view you with a great deal of trepidation, yet this is not a level playing field for dentists. Unfortunately, dental fear or anxiety affects around 36% of the population. In other words, roughly one-third of your customer base will have concerns before they’ve even walked through the door. Therefore, it would serve you well to manage your reputation and build a viable online presence to help prospective clients trust you. The first step to this reputation is, of course, to have a website

A good dental website should look to develop assurance with potential patients. So, even if they are scared of sitting in your chair, they remain calm because they are confident about your skills and expertise.

Of course, creating, managing, and hosting a website is quite challenging, but it’s possible to streamline these processes as long as you know what to do. 

Let us help you figure out how to select an appropriate service and why it’s an essential first step to website development done right. 


What Are Web Hosting Services?

Web hosting services provide a home to your website on the internet. They offer a range of services and technologies to host your website, ensuring it’s accessible to traffic and safe from any malicious intent. 

site web hosting dental clinic sydney mediboostThey allow users to access your website through your chosen web address, i.e., URL.

When users visit your website, their computers connect with the host’s server and get all the files and data necessary to display your site nicely on their devices. 

Your ideal web hosting providers should offer multiple resources to create and maintain a website according to requirements. These services can go a long way in creating a website that attracts and builds trust to increase the footfall at your practice. 


The Importance of Web Hosting For Dentists

Take the time to explore all your options and choose a web host that promises to:


Provide Better User Experience

High-quality web hosting services increase a website’s speed and response time. Due to this, users have a better experience with your site and are better engaged with your content. 

Moreover, SEO is easier when a website offers a stellar user experience. It’s possible to climb the ranks in search results to enjoy even more traffic and prestige for your practice. Did you know, for example, that the #1 position in Google for any given keyword gets 33% of the total search traffic for that search query?  

Response time of a website means the speed at which it responds every time a person enters your site. In fact, the expected time for a page to load in 2022 is just 3 seconds or two if you are an e-commerce site. Using quality web hosting services ensures that speedy loading and response times are never a problem. 


Offer Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage

Bandwidth is the amount of traffic and page views your dental website can sustain in any given period. If you are using web-hosting providers who only provide you with limited bandwidth, your site may go offline during high spells of traffic. This is something you don’t want.  

Another important factor when creating a dental website is the data storage limit. You can let your website development experts deploy all kinds of videos, images, and tons of media content on your site. Just make sure that your web hosting offers unlimited bandwidth giving your website the ability to host thousands of visitors simultaneously.



Offer Domain Management Tools

If you are not using hosting providers and web hosting the site yourself, you only need one domain to keep the site live. But as your site grows along with your dental business, you may require more subdomains alongside your existing domain. Think of this as getting larger clinic space to accommodate an increase in new patients.

Web hosting providers can add multiple domains to your existing domain account without issue. Additionally, they’re equipped with domain management tools that can make life easy for your website development specialists, allowing for easy maintenance of all your sub-domains simultaneously. 


To Scale Alongside Your Business

It would be best if your web hosting grows with you since your business and patients will increase with time. This means that more people discover you online, resulting in high web traffic.

website hosting services dental practice sydney mediboostGood web hosting offers various scalable packages to its customers when hosting a website.

So, when you choose to upgrade to a different hosting plan, they have a suitable option for you.

If you don’t select the right hosting package, you may need to switch to another web hosting provider.

Switching can disrupt your site’s progress, so where possible, it’s best to stick with the previous service provider. 


Web Hosting Service vs. Hosting a Website by Yourself

You have your unique strengths as a professional dentist. The same holds true for dedicated web hosting services that know how to keep websites up and running despite emerging challenges.

You might think that hosting a website yourself is a viable solution because it makes you completely independent. But running a server and keeping it secure is a full-time job in its own right, and it’s best left to the pros who have the experience and expertise of doing these things right. 

If you still aren’t convinced to work with a dedicated web host, check out how difficult it can be to host your own website: 

Using A Web Host

Hosting A Website Yourself

  1. You don’t have to pay additional costs with a transparent pricing plan.
  2. A web host provides reliable and stable service during traffic updates and connectivity issues.
  3. It ensures you have unlimited bandwidth to support high web traffic.
  4. Using a web host secures your website from cybersecurity threats.
  5. You do not have to monitor, upgrade, and maintain your website round the clock.
  6. You can own a successful website without any experience.
  1. You need to invest a lot of money buying expensive hardware, stable electricity and internet connection, additional bandwidth, and an expert to maintain your website.
  2. You must spend a significant amount of time increasing and promoting your clinic on the internet.
  3. Updating and securing your website from external threats require expertise that you cannot learn overnight. This leaves your site vulnerable to cyber threats.


Wrapping Up

Developing and running a successful dental website is not a good idea for a full-time dentist managing a busy practice. Hiring a quality web hosting service ensures that your dental website is always in good hands. 

The website development experts at Mediboost know just how to build and run a dental website that gets results for your practice. We have the necessary know-how to create and maintain your website and gain qualified leads. Get in touch with us on 1300 163 058 today to learn more. 





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