Great dental websites aren’t just born – they’re created. They’re created out of strategy, considered content and tight design aesthetics. Mediboost specialises in helping dental practices to create their online identity and market their practice through an effective dental website design that encourages users to make appointments. What makes a great dental website and how do you get there?


The Benefits Of Great Dental Websites

A great website creates a perception of what your practice is like in real life. If the online experience is great, the perception is that the practice is too – and also the inverse is true. Great websites do your marketing for you.


When Less Is More And Why It Matters

Some of the best dental websites are understated rather than over-designed. Lots of clutter and too much colour on a dental website is visually confusing. Your website design really should be a mirror of your dental practice so, if you’re selling luxury and exclusivity, your website should show that. If family-friendly and approachable practice is more like you, your website should convey that.

A website that is over-designed tells your users you aren’t sure what you want them to do next – so rather than push your user down a funnel and into an action you end up giving too many options, your user gets a case of analysis paralysis and your potential new lead is lost.

A clean and simple dental website design is easy on the eye and simple to use.  It is professional – without having to try too hard.


What’s Your Visual Identity?

While stock photographs give us lots of options to find a visual identity that suits your practice, a more effective strategy is to make use of original images and visuals. The purpose of using signature imagery is so that your users can associate you with a picture – but if they were to see that picture on another dental practice website your association would be broken.

By taking the time to get a photographer out and capture original pictures you are staying focused on what is unique to your practice – and what differentiates you from the competition out there.


What Information Are You Offering Above The Fold?

First impressions really do count and that first fold that opens up on your site is what will determine whether that user stays – or bounces off to a competitor site.

Your most important info – or at least the information most important to your users – should be immediately visible when your website loads. Yes, colours and photographs help to elicit an emotional response in your users but the words you use and the information you convey is what tells them what to do next.

dental websites
If your practice owns multiple locations, this is an important distinction to draw attention to when your users land. If you’re an emergency practice and the telephone number is essential, that should be the most prominent.

Something that is really important to show or tell in your first fold is your practice philosophy. This new patient has landed in your website looking for information. What kind of impression do you want to generate? What do you stand for and what service do you aim to extend to your patients? These are the characteristics that can help you to stand out from the crowd.

Great Dental Practice Websites Are Easy To Book

A great dental website is focused on getting a patient to make an appointment. But that’s not going to happen if the contact details are invisible or difficult to find.

Make sure your contact channels are accessible in your first fold. That patient might be looking for a second opinion and might want to send an email explaining their case. The patient who has had a dental emergency might be on the road, and needs to click a live telephone number to make a quick call to you while en-route.

Make your website design intuitive too. The menu and buttons should be prominent and easy to use. Organise your information logically so that people know where to find information.


The Best Dental Website Design Is Responsive Design

Not only is responsive website design important from a user’s point of view – it’s also important from a search visibility point of view. Google will simply depreciate your website in search results if it isn’t mobile-compatible.

It doesn’t matter how big your marketing budget is, if your website isn’t responsive, it will not be seen by the public.


Why Should The Patient Book With You?

Great dental practice websites can convey what makes that practice the only solution for the patient’s problem. By drawing on the skills and expertise of the team, industry awards and accolades or exclusive services or technologies, you can show your new patients exactly what qualifies you to help them out.

Have something to say? Why not make a video? Video content allows your audience to really get to know you, it gives a glimpse of your environment and creates a personal association between the practice and the new patient.

Have 20 years of patient testimonials telling the world how helpful and efficient your practice is? Those testimonials really should find their way onto your website too. They give a new patient an understanding of what other patients experienced in your chair.

Do you have more questions about great dental websites and how your site could be improved? We specialise in dental practice websites that result in new patient leads. Let’s chat about how we can get your practice online. Call us now: 1300 163 058