As our world becomes digitised, service-oriented businesses need to create an online presence that helps prospective customers find them. The best way to do this is by creating a website. 

Over the years, we’ve seen marketers place increasing importance on web design. Nearly 75% of consumers form their opinion of your business based on website design alone. This is because your website is your firm’s ambassador in the digital world. A good website can seriously impact your marketing efforts and conversion rates.  

Here are some design ideas for websites you can apply to your dental clinic. These have stayed in fashion over the years and have been proven useful as marketing tools. Let’s check them out below! 


Website Design Ideas For Your Dental Clinic 

While many web designers believe that website design should differ depending on the industry the business belongs to, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you visit some of the most popular websites from different niches, you’ll quickly notice that they follow the same structure and setup. 

This is mainly because all these recurring designs have three commonalities: 

  • They’re easy to use 
  • Good UX is guaranteed
  • They’re clear and concise 

Below are some of our favourite website design ideas for dental websites.


web designer ideas design sydney mediboostSingle Column Layouts

We like these website design ideas because they’re neat and concise. The best way to present the main content of your website is a single, vertical column. Moreover, it’s super easy to navigate. Visitors have to scroll down to find information. 

Even though it’s a relatively straightforward design, it’s still quite popular. The best thing about it is that it’s ideal for mobile use—single-column layouts fit mobile screens perfectly. 


When Should You Use It? 

A single-column website is a good choice for dental practices because you can present information in a minimalistic way. It’s perfect for providing short bursts of highly relevant information. For example, if you provide medical news to visitors on your blog, this is an excellent design to consider. 


Split Screen 

Split-screen website design ideas work perfectly when you want to share two equally important pieces of content on the same page, side-by-side. It can help your web designers display important info, blogs, services, and other web content simultaneously. 

A use case for this would be when you’re comparing two dental procedures and want to present the information side-by-side. 


When Should You Use It? 

These design ideas for websites are perfect when you want your visitors to take two different variations of the user journey. For example, you could create a split-screen for “dental procedures for children” and “dental procedures for adults.” Clicking on either would take the user to a different but highly-relevant part of your website. 



Asymmetrical Layout

This is another one of our favourite design ideas for websites. Designing an asymmetrical webpage aims to create balance when it’s either impossible or even out the weight of two sections. By altering each asymmetrical piece of content’s width, colour, and scale, web designers encourage visitors to become visually engaged. 


When Should You Use This? 

For a dental website, it might be most useful when you want to add in contact or sign up forms. On the one hand, you can create a banner with a witty one-liner about why the visitor should leave their information with you; on the other hand, you can place a form. We believe these kinds of website design ideas shine through the most when you’re looking to create a directional emphasis while keeping the visitor engaged. 


dental practice design websites sydney mediboostA Card Grid

These containers offer clickable information and give web designers the chance to concisely present a heavy dose of information. We love these website design ideas because you can include bite-sized previews and help visitors find exactly the kind of content they’re looking for without being redirected to another page. 

Moreover, these cards are highly customizable, so you can decide on grids of varying spacing, sizes, styles, fonts, and much more. The fact that visitors can click on these cards to reveal more information makes these design ideas for websites highly engaging. 


When Should You Use It? 

One use-case is when you want to display all the dental services and procedures on one page and in a concise manner. A card grid might be your best bet in this case. When talking to your web designers, convey that you want the cards to include images. This brings a little burst of character to your webpage. 


Looking To Hire Experts For Your Dental Website? Try Mediboost

We specialize in helping dental professionals grow their patient outreach, creating websites that are a lot more than just glorified brochures for the practices. This involves integrating superior functionality into your site, including online forms, live chat, patient portals, and much more.

We can’t help you deliver patient care, but we can certainly help you let the world know how good you are at doing it yourself. Rest assured that we know just how to get your website to work for you.

Our dental marketing services include but aren’t limited to SEO services and website design and development. Reach out to our experts for more fun design ideas for websites

Our experts can help your practice gain the visibility it deserves. Contact us today on 1300 163 058 or visit our offices directly, to learn which website design option is best for you.






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