Australians realise the importance of regular dental visits, as made evident that they spent almost 9.5 billion dollars on dental services from 2019 to 2020.

So, if you are a dental practitioner trying to find new patients, and despite the competition, you can find plenty of them as long as you market your services where people are bound to see them. This has led to a greater need for cutting-edge digital marketing strategies that can increase your ROI while improving the quality of your services. 

Here are some digital marketing tactics to help you attract new patients to your practice: 


Create a mobile-first, search-optimised dental website

Savvy new patients always do their homework. Research by PatientPop reported that 3 out of 4 people search online for medical information, doctors, and dentists before booking an appointment with them.

If your dental website lacks quality information and is difficult to use, appealing to dentist new patients will be challenging. 

growing dental practice sydney mediboostSo, invest in a sleek, good-looking, and information-packed dental website that sets up your expertise in the digital realm. Make sure your new site is optimised for enhanced search performance, and you’ll see a difference in your dental practice’s online presence. 

Share detailed information regarding your dental services and provide testimonials and bios from your current patients. This will increase SEO and engage your prospective patients

Finally, to rank higher in search results, it’s best to have a mobile-first dental website that performs optimally on screens of all sizes and quickly loads no matter how big or small the device. 


Claim business listings to boost traffic for your dental website

Dentists’ new patients can be funnelled into your practice as long as you use online listings and directories to your advantage. Platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook automatically generate business listings for companies, making it vital to claim your dental website.

Also, take ownership of your page content, update it with necessary details such as business hours and contact information, and add a link to your dental website. You may also add photos while responding to dentist new patients’ reviews on the directory.

Enhancing your practice’s online presence can also help you with your reputation management goals, which is paramount when working to appeal to new patients. You can also get notified of the reviews from dentists’ new patients, which lets you keep a pulse on your digital reputation and address any negative feedback in a timely manner. 



Ask patients to leave reviews

If you wonder how to appeal to new patients, your current dental patient base can help. Ask those who have used your dental services to leave testimonials and reviews on your GMB page and dental website. This can help you boost your online reputation.

Typically, people consider their fellow consumers’ opinions seriously. 71% of patients start their search to find a new doctor by checking patient reviews. In a recent Patient Pop survey (2021), patients mentioned online reviews as a critical factor in decision-making when deciding which healthcare provider to choose.

Various factors affect your online reputation, such as total reviews number, average star ratings, and the frequency of new reviews. 

Your potential patients may not always take the initiative to write reviews for your dental brand, so don’t be afraid to ask and remind them to post about their experience with your dental practice. You can also use an automated patient survey. 


Leverage paid advertising

If you aim to find dentist new patients for your practice, you need to enhance your online presence, including on social media. 

Robust social media campaigns and ads are brilliant growth strategies for your dental practice. They allow many potential patients to find your dental website fast with minimal effort. 

Apart from expanding and enhancing your dental website and online presence, paid advertising is an excellent digital marketing tactic as it helps you target your ideal audience. You can tailor your dental marketing campaigns to connect with patients in specific demographics, areas, household income levels, etc. 


Level up your social media game

Social media is potentially a viable channel to engage and acquire new patients for dentists. Promoting the technology and facilities of your dental practice via paid ads on social media helps you share your services with your potential patients. 

growing dental practice sydney mediboostInstagram, an effective photo-sharing app, is also a great social media tool for dentists. Make the most of this platform to demonstrate your dental services, share customer testimonials, and before-and-after cosmetic procedure photos.

Also, share these testimonials and customer reviews on your dental website to achieve the desired results and acquire more dentist new patients.

Finally, ensure your social media profiles are up to date and active by posting informative, compelling, and engaging content frequently. 


Acquire new patients with a well-rounded dental marketing tactic

A successful dental practice knows that scaling their business and growing demand allows them to incorporate more services and treatments that, in turn, aid new patient retention and growth. This includes leveraging an arsenal of digital marketing tools and best practices to attract and obtain new patients.  


Mediboost offers comprehensive digital marketing services for dental practices in Australia. We’re a full-fledged marketing agency that has a proven track record in boosting growth for dental practices while simplifying and enhancing every step of your patient’s journey.

Contact us today on 1300 163 058 to formulate a comprehensive strategy to acquire new patients for your dental practice.



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