There are about 18,061 registered dentists in Australia as of 2019, and the numbers are increasing. To keep up with the competition, dentists and dental practice institutes must focus on marketing strategies to attract more customers. One such method is dental SEO marketing


What Is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search engine optimisation brings organic traffic to a website by helping it rank higher in search results. Studies show that websites on the first page of Google results take 71% clicks and have the highest CTR (click-through rate). 

Search engines have their ranking algorithm; they rank a website on different factors. Dental SEO will allow a dental website to rank higher and get more patients. Although they have to fully SEO optimise their website so that Google Algorithm can index your website. 


Why Is SEO Important For Dentists?

Dental SEO has become an essential element in dental marketing as all businesses are shifting their presence online because people now search for any products or services on the web. SEO is highly beneficial for dentists and dental service providers since an SEO-optimized website can bring new customers.

Dentistry is a competitive industry. But, many dentists overlook the power of dental SEO, not knowing they are missing a significant chunk of valuable leads for their business. Following are the reasons why SEO can help to grow the dentistry business. 


Increases Your Brand Visibility 

Brand visibility is an essential element in marketing a business. Dental institutes should use SEO or Local SEO to promote their business online to their target audience to get more patients. This way, they can build credibility and brand identity in the market. 

SEO ranks your website in top search results and brings significant traffic to your dental website, making your dental brand known and visible to the audience. 


seo tactics dental sydney mediboostSEO Has A High ROI 

SEO is an inbound marketing tactic with high returns for dental service providers.

According to research, it has a 275% ROI

SEO dental marketing targets an audience that are potential customers. It enables your website to appear when people search for any dental service; the rest is up to your website to compel people that you are worth choosing. 


Brings Significant Traffic 

The primary objective of SEO is to bring a substantial amount of traffic to your dental website. When your website shows in a higher spot on SERP, it gets a significant chunk of web traffic. According to a study, the top 3 results get 75.1% of all clicks.

Dental marketing focuses on creating SEO-rich titles, meta descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords. These keywords bring traffic to your website and increase your CTR. 


Creates Business Credibility 

Google’s SEO algorithm ranks websites that are credible and authentic. The algorithm looks for value in your dental website to see whether visitors can benefit from your website or not. A well-optimised website is ranked higher in search engines, showing the audience that Google trusts your website. 

Moreover, dental service providers can use social proof, reviews, and feedback on their website and dental SEO to build business credibility. 


Cost-Effective Marketing Method 

SEO is considered the most affordable yet effective marketing method for digital marketing. Dental SEO targets customers who are already searching for your product or service, unlike cold calling or emails that target audiences regardless of their buying intent.

Moreover, dental marketing methods like PPC, social media advertisements and cold calling are time-consuming and costly. On the other hand, SEO marketing gives valuable leads at less cost. 



How To Use SEO For Dental Website? 

Dental SEO marketing is a set of various dental SEO strategies. It would be best to start working on multiple aspects of your website to see results quickly. 

Try these strategies to enhance the ROI of your dental practice website: 


Create An Appealing Website Design 

Any website strategy will be less effective when the design is not attractive to the visitor, so the first step is to make an efficient website design. A good design includes fast loading time, easy navigation, and mobile friendliness. Google algorithm emphasises user experience, which is an essential factor in SEO. 


Do Keyword Research 

Keyword research is the very foundation of dental SEO marketingThese keywords are the search terms your customers put in search bars, and SEO strategies rank your website based on these relevant search terms. 

Whenever a user searches a specific keyword on the search bar, your website will rank on top of the search results. 


Informative And High-Quality Content 

Content is a crucial element in SEO dental marketing. Google algorithm ranks websites that have high-quality content and provide value to their readers. The content must be original; otherwise, Google can penalise your website for copying content.

The quality of website content depends on the information you provide to your viewers. Give them answers to their questions and share tips, statistics, and other helpful content. When the viewers find your website valuable, they will rank your website. 


Use Local SEO Strategies 

Local SEO is crucial and highly effective for your dental marketing. It involves using targeted SEO strategies to rank your dental website in a specific location. According to research, 50% of mobile searches look for local search results. It is an efficient and effective SEO strategy for ranking higher and faster in any particular area. 


strategies seo dental sydney mediboostUse Backlinks 

Backlinks are essential for SEO dental marketing strategies; there are two types of backlinks, internal linking (the one which directs the user to any other page on your website) and external linking (which leads your visitors to other websites). 

The quality of your backlinks determines the credibility and trustworthiness of your website. Backlinks are also crucial in building domain authority for your dental website



Dental service providers should not ignore dental SEO; this strategy will allow your businesses to stay ahead of competitors and get massive leads and revenue. SEO dental marketing is effective and reliable for the long-run growth of your dental practice. 

There are chances that your competitors are already using dental SEO marketing and getting potential leads and patients for their dental practice


Want Professionals To Do Dental SEO For You?

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