As of 2021, there are approximately 140 people to every dentist here in Australia, yet phones aren’t ringing off the hook for many dental practices.

It’s clear that many dental practices need help with new patient growth and one way to do this is by using various dental marketing tools

As technology evolves, dental practices can no longer rely on their dental websites to bring in a steady stream of new patients. Instead, it pays to invest in other marketing strategies to gain traction.

With this in mind, here are ten of the best new and old-school dental marketing tools that your practice can use in 2021. 



Love them or loathe them; chatbots are here to stay. They provide the ideal way for patients to connect with your clinic when you aren’t available. The latest versions can answer questions allowing you to actively engage with potential patients 24/7. Modern versions are easy to install on most dental websites and integrate seamlessly within most frameworks. 


Google Map ads

guides dental marketing tools australiaWhen it comes to dental marketing, nothing is out of bounds. Take cars, for instance. Most cars now have inbuilt navigation systems that utilise Google Maps.

Map ads are a step up from this and enable you to target drivers passing near your dental practice.

Drivers using Google Maps will be able to see ads for your clinic safely. The technology will inform and remind drivers that your dental clinic is near their current route.  


Shoppable posts

One of the most successful marketing strategies over the past 15 years or so has been the stratospheric rise of social media. Nowadays, popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer a marketing tool known as shoppable posts. On Instagram, for example, viewers can hover over your practice image and can access further information about your services. Moreover, it allows them to click directly through to your dental website, where they can schedule an appointment or search for treatment information. Shoppable posts are easy to set up and allow you to target a specific demographic. 



Yelp has been around since 2004, and yet, it remains one of the best dental marketing tools for dental practices. According to research, 81% of consumers conduct an online search before buying, visiting or booking an appointment. Yelp stores thousands and thousands of customer reviews and garners something like 178 million visits per month. An individual 

looking for a local dental practice will likely visit Yelp. While newer platforms like White Coat offer the same type of dental marketing service specifically for dentists, Yelp remains the granddaddy of them all. To this end, it’s a fantastic platform for dental marketing and one you need to be on. 


Online booking services

Dental marketing tools such as online booking services are a great addition to your marketing arsenal. Services such as Patient Plus allow individuals to find a dentist, seek availability and book an appointment from an app on their mobile phone. It’s the perfect dental marketing addition to help you fill those final slots in your appointment calendar. 

Now we’ve looked at the 5 of the best online marketing strategies, let’s take a look at 5 more ways you can ramp up your dental marketing capability offline without the need for dental websites


Leaflet drops

Leaflet dropping is an affordable strategy that allows you to target your local area. Throw in a dental marketing promotion like a free dental check-up when you introduce a friend. Don’t forget to include a tracking number so that you can gauge which calls were generated by this particular dental marketing strategy. If it’s successful, it’s easy to roll out into an adjacent suburb or area. 

Even though leaflet dropping is old-school dental marketing, it remains one of the most successful methods when done correctly. 


New mover marketing

One form of dental marketing that is woefully underused in Australia is new mover marketing.

dental practice dental marketing tools australiaAccording to Removal company Allied Pickfords, 500,000 Australians move cross-state every year. In addition to schooling, families need to find a new dentist, so they are already looking. Why not make it easy for them and place your dental practice front and centre. 

By liaising with local real estate agents, you may be able to get your leaflet into their welcome pack. Do this successfully, and you won’t be gaining just one extra patient, you’ll be gaining a whole family.

As far as dental marketing tools go, this one is on steroids! 


Appointment reminders

Let’s face it; patients tend to forget to schedule their next visit. A friendly telephone call or a mailed postcard several weeks or so before they are due can help fill up your appointment book. Sometimes the simplest dental marketing methods are the best. 


Email correspondence

Okay, so this one’s not strictly old-school, but it has been around for many years. Don’t let patients forget you. One way to do this is to keep yourself front and centre of their attention. 

Why not start a newsletter that people can subscribe to? Alternatively, send regular emails to your existing subscriber list when you have something interesting to say. Emails like introducing a new team member, a new piece of technology or a promotional offer are good starting points and can be the basis for a great marketing strategy


Be central to the community

One of the best dental marketing tools that dentists possess is themselves. Dentists are already a key cog in the community so, why not put yourself front and centre. Visit schools and advise on oral hygiene for kids, sponsor a kids sports team or take part in a school career day. It’s a great way to meet parents, and hopefully, they will become future patients.

So there you have it, 10 cost-effective dental marketing tools that don’t have to cost the earth.

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