A lot of people think there’s a secret or a shortcut to marketing success, so today we’d like to share our top dental marketing tips with you. The point of this exercise is actually to show you that there isn’t a secret at all. Successful dental marketing really only requires two things: a dental marketing strategy and an unwavering commitment to achieve it. Mediboost can help you conquer both of these, and find your way to the top of Google search results. Here’s how.


A Quick Comparison Of Dental Marketing – Then Vs. Now

If you rewind the clock ten or 15 years, you’ll see a very different picture of our local landscape. Dental advertising in Australia was fairly simple. Because there were fewer practitioners and less competition, just signboarding your practice and advertising that you were open was enough to attract new patients.

A newspaper article or a classified advert could make a dental practice famous overnight, with little thought to any future marketing.

Today’s patients shop around. Towns and cities have got bigger and patients have lots of practitioners to choose from. In their day-to-day activities they are bombarded with billboard and street advertising, radio ads, TV ads, pop ups and social media suggestions.

Today’s patients are also more discerning. They go to the Internet to self-diagnose, look for treatments (and home remedies) and ask friends for recommendations. They are wise to dental marketing and advertising and want to make informed decisions. Even though they expect the highest level of care and experience, they also want to pay the most affordable prices.

Worried that you can’t win? If your answer is yes, you need to chat to us. Our role is to attract new patients to your practice, amid this sea of competition.

Dental Marketing

How We Can Help Your Dental Practice 

We’re experts in digital marketing for dental practices and we specialise in helping dental practices like yours carve out a niche and appeal to their target audience. We do this by using wonderful online tools that give us the data we need to create results-oriented campaigns. We already know that your target audience relies on Google as a trusted authority to help patients identify their dental issues and find solutions. What we are really good at, is presenting your practice as the solution to that problem.

Confusing Your SEOs And PPCs With Your ABCs?

We’ll demystify the alphabet soup for you. Heard about SEO but can’t understand how it could benefit your practice’s dental advertising presence? SEO is the process of Search Engine Optimisation or, optimising your website for search engines. Search engines are platforms like Google, places that users go to ask questions and look for information.


Dental Marketing Tips For A Better Performing Website 

There’s an art and science to optimising web content and a fair amount of work needs to go into:


Design elements

We mentioned earlier that today’s patients are discerning – and this happens subconsciously on some levels. Today’s users have been groomed and conditioned to use online platforms that offer a sophisticated user experience. Think about the updates and evolutions that Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have gone through since their inception.

Your user is accustomed to this kind of experience. Any website that offers a sub-standard experience is hard work or difficult to use, and will have a difficult time persuading your user to stick around for long enough to make an appointment.

Mediboost’s technical team will ensure that your website is intuitive and well designed, so that it appeals to your tech-savvy target audience. Each page of your website needs to be designed so that your users are compelled to take action and make an appointment. Using a combination of appealing copy, appropriate imagery and intuitive layout, we can lead users to contact you.

On-page optimisation

While the design components work on the human aspect of digital interaction, there are on-page techniques that we will employ to ensure that a piece of content is indexed by the search engines.

Our keyword research tool will identify the words that users type into search engines when they’re looking for dental services like yours. By using the correct words on a page we can signal to search engines that your website is an appropriate match to a user’s search engine query.

Local SEO marketing

The advent of the smartphone has been a game-changer for dental marketing because patients hold the power of the Internet in the palm of their hands. They can search for information from any location – or while they’re on the move.

Our team will work to ensure that your practice has claimed its Google marker and is visible when patients are in your area, or searching for dental services in your area.

Dental Marketing
Our technical SEO team will ensure that your website is submitted to the major directories for indexing. They will also ensure that you have a presence on Google My Business and Google Maps to increase your visibility online.


The Power Of Word Of Mouth For Dental Marketing

Having high visibility on search engines has practical benefits, as mentioned above, but it can also benefit your practice with free dental marketing. This is possibly one of the most valuable dental marketing tips we can offer you: every time a patient leaves a review for you it is added to your business listing. And very often all that you have to do is to be on Google My Business and provide excellent service.

Remember how we mentioned that today’s patients are wise to dental marketing and advertising speak? Well, often patients go further than reading a corporate website and look for feedback online before they will make an appointment with a new provider.

They might post a social media request to their friends or a group asking about a service provider – or they might go straight to Google (or your social media pages) and look for reviews. Good, honest reviews can make the difference between your practice and that of a competitor.


Attract New Patients To Your Practice

Our close client relationships, thorough research and results-driven dental marketing campaigns are designed to deliver new patients to your practice. While we know that our efforts certainly carry brand value, we understand that our clients are focused on results and our activities’ real value lies in its ability to bring new patients in, every month.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done any dental marketing before, if you don’t have a website, or if your practice has been running for 30 years. Our track record has shown that our model is effective for all dental practice marketing in Australia and we’d love the chance to increase revenue and profitability for you. We’re so confident in our capability that we offer a money-back guarantee to new clients.


Want more dental marketing tips? If you’re ready to take your practice to the next level it’s time to get in touch with us: 1300 163 058.