The Internet literally connects people, and the only way to grow your practice is to invest in consistent dental Internet marketing that focuses on your target audience and its needs. We now live in a digitised society, where everyone is connected all the time. If you want to know how to harness this power and join your competitors in online marketing, this article is for you.

How Dental Online Marketing Has Changed The Way Dental Practices Are Marketed

Dental Internet marketing has really levelled the playing fields so to speak. In today’s terms a dental practitioner doesn’t need to have decades of experience in order to trump competitors – what you need is a solid Internet marketing strategy.

Thanks to digital profiling and the processing of Big Data, digital marketers know so much more about their target audience. And simply being experienced is no longer a unique enough selling proposition to attract a new patient.

Today’s patient is more informed than ever. Today’s patient is very well aware that he or she has choices – and the right to choose the practitioner that best suits his or her needs.

And that’s where your digital marketing strategy needs to show a distinction – what really sets you apart, what makes your service offering completely unique?

Developing Your Visual Brand

Our digitised society is visually charged – we are receiving stimuli from all directions and devices at any given time. In order to really stand out, you need a distinctive visual brand.

Developing Your Visual Brand
Sure, you might start with a logo, mission, vision and values, but then these elements need to be applied consistently throughout everything that you do, and every patient interaction that you experience.

When a user is online, he or she needs to be able to distinguish your brand in a sea of competitors. Mediboost specialises in providing services related to marketing to dental practices, to help you create an eye-catching, professional and consistent brand that speaks to your practice philosophy and gives your dental Internet marketing a boost.

Creating Content That Matters

 Jokes are rife about Dr Google, and certainly when armed with the Internet, many patients may think they know a whole lot more than they actually do. But while this lay knowledge may be flawed, paranoid or otherwise untrue, the reality is that it is not going away.

Patients will go to search engines to find out about dental topics before, during and after they engage dental professionals, and this presents a wealth of opportunity for dental online marketing.

Don’t wait for your patients to be misinformed. Rather, provide them with factually true and correct information as part of your dental Internet marketing strategy. Dispel the myths that you encounter on a daily basis and arm your patients with empowering knowledge that is helpful.

Marketing Your Content Online 

If only it were as simple as writing some articles or a few pages of content! The competitive nature of the dental market means that you need to put in some calculated effort to ensure your words are seen by the right people.

Maybe an article on dental implants is really topical and there are thousands of patients researching the topic every month, but the chances are that there are a handful of competitors who have already figured this out.

Effective dental Internet marketing requires that your adverts outperform those of your competitors’. How do you do this?

Content That Is Optimised For Search

Search optimised content is the process of refining the copy so that it complies with the algorithms that search engines are using to index content. In order for this to happen, keywords should be set and used, images should be labelled in a certain way and various on-page techniques must be applied to make your content outshine that of your competitors’.

Content That Jumps The Queue

Getting your practice to the first page of Google search results can also be achieved through Google Ads. Once you know what your users are searching for, you can serve those patients an advert that speaks to that query.

Google Ads needs constant adjustments because, as different competitors enter the market, they shift the bidding goalposts and a bid that may have done very well for you a week ago, may no longer work within the context.

Working with an experienced team enables you to be more strategic with your budget. A dedicated resource that is managing this marketing channel can ensure you are always ahead of your competition.

A Social Media Presence To Be Proud Of

 Whether you believe in the power of social media is inconsequential – there are too many patients out there who do, for it to be neglected. When searching for a new provider the social media channels are the first places a patient will look.

Why? They want to hear what other patients had to say about it! Your dental practice website tells your story; your social media platform lets others tell their version of it.

Social Media presence

Why Working With A Dental Internet Marketing Agency Is Beneficial

It’s A Fulltime Job..…

Because Google is constantly changing its algorithms, dental internet marketing is quite an intensive process that requires a partnership with a dental marketing agency, to ensure your practice always stays one step ahead.

When marketing dental practice, research must be done on the words that users are typing into search bars. After all, your practice needs to adopt the same lingo as your patients. Also this is a dynamic space and things change! When they do change (Google doesn’t really issue early warnings) it helps to be able to deploy a team to manage it immediately.

… That Requires Consistent Effort….

The Internet has made many things open source, and thanks to advances in tech it is possible for dental practices to manage their own marketing.

In fact Google Ads almost encourages business owners to do it themselves by saying how easy it is – but why would you when you are trained and qualified to do a completely different line of work? Sure it’s easy to set up a basic campaign with some on-phone support but that’s not going to get you very far if you really want to compete and outperform your competition.

Not only that – when the going gets tough, people stop marketing. Yes, if you overload your schedule or that of your admin staff’s with marketing tasks, when everyone gets busy with their ‘real jobs’, the marketing activities will fall flat and any momentum you may have generated will be lost.

… And Dedication To Strategy

When you work with a professional dental marketing team, someone is always accountable. Someone has their finger on the pulse of the strategy, results are being monitored and patients’ needs are being taken care of.


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