With so many practitioners joining the market every year, practices need creative and engaging dental advertising ideas to stand out from the crowd. It’s all relative though, because for as many competitors as there are out there, there are just as many exciting opportunities to grow. Mediboost specialises in dental advertising strategies that result in new patient leads. Isn’t it time you gave us a call?


What Makes An Ideal Patient For A Dental Practice?

Dental practices want patients that pay their fees on time. They want loyal patients who return for treatments, because continuity of care is important and because new patient leads are expensive and take time to on-board. And, they want patients who refer them to other patients just like them.

So, how do you find those patients and what creative dental advertising ideas can you employ into your marketing strategy? We’ve put some down some essential channels for attracting new patients – but how you window dress them is where the fun lies.


Let’s Create An Engaging Website

Today’s consumers are tech-savvy. They’re used to engaging with high-end software and devices so your home-made website from 2005 probably isn’t going to impress them much.

Modern websites have come along in leaps and bounds and there are so many interactive elements at your disposal, it is counterproductive to waste any time in getting your site up to speed. They’re also the primary landing place for most dental advertising strategies so they need to be optimised for conversions.

Create an engaging website

Your website is where your patients will go to check you out before they make contact. They’ll use it to determine


  • How credible and experienced you are
  • What services you offer
  • How much you charge for dental treatments
  • What your opening hours are
  • How they can make an appointment
The website that potential patients see will elicit some kind of judgment and they’ll use it to generate their first impression of your practice. We know you’ve updated your practice since 2005 – it’s important that patients can see that online too.


Elements like booking forms, text animations, interactive Google maps and rotating case studies are all relatively standard additions to modern websites by today’s standards, so your graphic design and visual component really must stand out from your competition.


At Mediboost we can assist you with an appropriate dental website that appeals to your target audience and is found by search engines. A great dental website is a centrepiece for your future dental advertising strategies and needs to reflect your practice accurately.


Search Engine Optimisation And Content Marketing

Google is the go-to for anyone who has a smart device and let’s be honest: who doesn’t? Patients looking for new dentists or specialists to help them with specific problems hit enter on the Google search page or Google Maps when they’re looking for products and services.

It makes sense to be there when they come looking. Mediboost can create a content strategy that hones in on what your patients are looking for – and where they’re looking to find it. Part of the dental advertising strategy is content creation and the other part is optimisation to attract more traffic to your website.

Does your target audience need help with orthodontic treatment? Are dental implant procedures where your strengths lie? We’ll look for the unique ways in which you can add value to patients and craft content that enhances that. Our dental advertising ideas focus on what makes your practice unique.

We’ll apply our technical expertise to ensure that this content is optimised to appear when users are searching for information.

This content is going to appear on your website so as mentioned, it’s really important that users are impressed when they arrive.


Directory Listings To Get You On The Map

Google My Business is probably the most important online listing we will manage as part of your online dental advertising campaign but there are a number of other directories that are hugely beneficial for your online presence.

We’ll create a dental advertising plan to ensure high visibility in directories that work for your business. You can take advantage of their group advertising budget and ensure your practice is front of mind online.

Directory listings can benefit your practice visibility in terms of local area marketing and awareness. Creating this presence ensures your high visibility when patients in your area are searching for your products and services.


Patient Referrals

Patient referrals are among the most valuable new patients, because there is a very high likelihood these patients will return. Whether referred by other patients or referring practitioners, your dental practice has already received a high form of endorsement to the new patient, making him or her much more likely to be the kind of patient you’d like to work with.

Patient referrals require organic growth and consistently high standards throughout your practice. Often they need to be requested in order for a patient to complete one.

We recommend that you do this by requesting it your newsletter, or by sending patients the link to leave a review once they have completed their treatments. It shows your patients that you genuinely care about and would like feedback on their experience in your practice.

patient Referrals
Mediboost can help you to boost your dental practice’s online reputation by acquiring Google reviews online. Encouraging your patients to post their positive experiences is very beneficial because it provides you with public feedback that is visible to other users when they’re doing research about – or just searching for someone suitable in their area.

It adds that extra bit of credibility, which could be the deciding factor if a patient had to choose between your practice and a competitor’s.

In today’s market, real PR holds a lot of digital currency. Modern consumers have wised up to dental advertising tactics and they don’t always want to be sold to. They want some advice; they need your help in developing awareness about dental health and hygiene. But they don’t always want to be sold to.

Genuine reviews and good publicity allows others to tell your story, without it being too self promotional.


Social Media Marketing

Creating a social media presence enables you to interact with patients in their comfort zones. You can really become part of the conversation, offering insights and information, presenting your services and taking bookings and appointments. Social media adds a new dimension to dental advertising, because it gives practices the opportunity to give patients insight into what goes on behind the scenes, something many patients know very little about.

Social media channels are experiencing rapid year on year growth. According to the results of a survey conducted by We Are Social and Hootsuite, active social media users increased by 5.9% and mobile social media users increased by 6.7% between 2018 and 2019.

If you’re wondering how you’re ever going to keep up with dental advertising across multiple platforms, Facebook really is still the most dominant channel among users, boasting an impressive 16 million users. It offers fans the ability to send you direct messages, leave reviews and ask questions when they need quick answers. A business page on LinkedIn and a Facebook Business profile are enough to get started on social media.

We can assist you with setting up your Facebook page to create an online presence to take advantage of the opportunities that social media holds.


Let’s Measure Your Return On Investment

Mediboost can do plenty to create an online presence for you, develop different brand assets for your practice and bring your dental advertising to life, but it needs to attract new patients in order to be really beneficial. We will ensure that your dental marketing is managed and measured so that you can evaluate your return on investment.

We’re committed to delivering results from our dental advertising ideas. Our engagement will begin with a thorough consultation during which we will discuss your practice’s advertising and marketing needs. We’ll let you know what dental advertising results can be achieved within your budget and time frame and then we’ll get to work. You will work closely with one of our specialist Account Managers to ensure your campaign stays on track, and to keep you updated of our progress.

If you’re ready to talk about dental advertising ideas and strategies that will take your practice onto its next milestone, it’s time to get in touch. Call us at 1300 163 058. We’d love to chat.