Having the right dental ads shown to your target audience is an essential component of any dental practice’s online marketing strategy. But what information should your adverts contain and where should they be shown? Mediboost specialises in digital marketing for dental practices. We can assist you with an online marketing campaign that increases new patient calls.

If you’re a newbie to this space, we’d like to put a few facts into context. Those are

  1. The dental market is highly competitive
  2. There are many established practices out there with large marketing budgets
  3. Unless you understand the online market really well, your budget could be wasted on the wrong channels.

As a newcomer, you need to find the most accurate and cost-effective way to advertise your dental practice. And that’s where a digital marketing agency like Mediboost steps in.

We can help you filter through the noise, demystify the technical jargon and build a strategy that brings new patients in. Let’s check out some of the tools we can use to achieve this.

Dental Ads Through Search Engine Optimisation

Your website functions like an online catalogue, and it can have all your dental adverts on auto-play  all the time. Working with a dental marketing agency like Mediboost means you can employ an SEO strategy that hones in on what your audience is searching for.

Let’s say your dental implants are your biggest feature, and you want to display dental implant ads. Mediboost would devise a strategy that utilises the keywords that users reference when they type a query so that your page on dental implants is returned by Google’s search algorithm.

Not only that, when the user clicks on your ad and lands on your website we would serve them a dental implant advert that premeditates and answers all the questions they might have about implants. We would also follow a very specific structure in order to get that user to make contact and become a patient.

We would also make certain updates to ensure that, if the users are searching within a certain radius of your dental practice, your practice would be presented on Google Maps, as a service that is geographically close to the patient.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and it is the practice of optimising website content to make a site more visible to search engines, based on criteria such as geography or keywords.

Dental Ads

Dental Adverts On Google

Does it frustrate you to see a competitor bouncing to the top of the search results every time you type a query in? Well, there’s no need for that, because you can get there too.

Through carefully created Google Ads your dental practice can market its core services to your target audience. This is ideal if you have a new site and you want to supplement your SEO campaign, or if you see a competitor really dominating the results, because you can outbid your competition and reach the first place in a few hours after setting up your account.

Google Display Adverts

We now live in a highly visual culture and consumers are constantly bombarded with visuals, brand logos and graphics – online and offline. Perhaps a potential new patient is looking for a new dentist and has looked at five different practices over the course of a week. By the end of that search, how memorable do you think your practice could be?

If you use Google display ads, you can set your website to store the cookies of users who have visited your site and done certain things like:

– Visited your contact page but didn’t fill in the form
– Read about a new promotion you are running
– Enquired about a specific product or procedure

Once this data has been stored and saved, you can show dental implant ads to your website target audience for an extended period of time. Have you been on a news site lately and seen those sneakers you were browsing online? Those ads serve as a constant reminder about new brands or products you have interacted with.

And what makes these kinds of dental implant ads even more powerful is the fact that they can be branded with graphics. Your Google text ads still rely on good copywriting to come alive but your display ads can make use of your logo and brand graphics to give a user a visual reminder of who you are and what you stand for.

Dental Ads

Social Media Advertising

Like it or lump it, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 15 years you probably know that social media isn’t going anywhere.

It’s so popular, by the way, that nearly nine out of ten people in Australia have a social media channel. And perhaps more significantly, 44% of consumers follow brands online.

Want to know which channel was deemed most popular social media in Australia in 2019? Facebook and Youtube are tied in first place with an average of 15-million active monthly users each.

That’s good news for dental practices that go through with an SEO campaign, because Youtube is owned by Google and Google frequently features videos in its search results to users.

Social media ads can be used to build brand trust and loyalty with your patients. And when a patient has a great experience and raves about it to their friends and connections, it becomes a very powerful advert for your dental practice.

Need to chat to a professional about dental ads that attract new patients? Please get in touch at 1300 163 058; we’d love to hear from you.