Your dental website is in effect your shop window. It’s your way of letting people know the services and treatments you offer before they take the plunge and walk through the door. But while the best dental websites not only look eye-catching, they’re produced with conversion website design in mind. That said, let’s take a closer look at what’s required to create a website that really converts.



One of the keys to website conversion is branding. Branding is in effect a marketing strategy that allows you to become instantly recognisable and stand out from your competition. Typically dental websites that convert have a strong branding ethos. Why does this matter? Because it makes you easily identifiable and therefore, memorable. Think the Nike tick or the Apple…apple.

Factors like colour, logo, type font, positioning and tone should always be consistent throughout not just your dental website but all forms of advertising and social media presence. Get your branding right and you are halfway there towards better website conversion.

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Why do you think that any medical or dental websites are blue? Because if you believe in the psychology behind colour, blue invites feelings of empathy, compassion, trust and integrity – all of which are highly sought after traits of a good dentist. 

That’s not to say, of course, that your dental website needs to be blue. There are other colours like green and brown which also invite tranquillity and serenity, but you may want to avoid contrasting fiery colours like red and orange when considering your conversion website design. 

Keeping It Stupidly Simple

There’s nothing that puts potential customers, buyers or patients off more than a complicated website. So if you want to up your conversion rate, then adopt the K.I.S.S principle – or Keeping It Stupidly Simple. 

The less complex your dental website is, the easier it is to evoke interaction. People can only handle a certain amount of information at a time. Dental websites that contain too much ‘stuff’ or are difficult to navigate will only serve to put your website visitor off. Do that, and your conversion rate will drop like a stone.  

Instead, if you have a ton of information you need to tell your readers, don’t hit them with it all at once. Look to prioritise your content so that the reader gets what they came for in the shortest amount of time. As a top tip – if your homepage is simple, visitors should know exactly what they need to do next – ‘Keeping it Stupidly Simple’ should always be an integral part of your conversion website design mantra.


Show your website reader what you have to offer

Following on from the K.I.S.S ethos, the best dental websites are those that clearly show what they have to offer.

According to one Google survey, 53% of potential customers always carry out research before buying or using a service online. Unfortunately, for most dentists, referrals are not enough and as such, obtaining new customers through their dental websites is critical.

One of the keys to website conversion is to put all relevant information like contact details, opening hours, dental treatments/services offered, and your location, front and centre on your site. In this age of people wanting access to everything in a hurry, why not give them what they want, when they want it!

While this may appear like a small thing, when used in combination with every other customer conversion tip and trick, your website conversion rate is only likely to go one way – up!


Conversion Website Design – Patient Testimonials

When it comes to dental website conversion, there’s nothing that screams conversion website design more than incorporating patient testimonials. Patient testimonials can set you apart from your competition. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that quality patient testimonials are the easiest and fastest way to garner the trust of potential new patients and increase your conversion rate. Not bad before they’ve even set foot through your door right? 

Whether you have a separate patient testimonial page or you run it like a rolling slide show at the bottom of your home page or service pages, testimonials have real clout when it comes to assisting website conversion rates.



You might not think that something as simple as having a frequently asked questions section can improve your conversion rate but it really can. 

If you think about it for a second, you’re providing value to anyone visiting your site, If you provide value then you stand more chance of converting someone who is simply looking for answers – especially if you pre-empt some of the common questions they are likely to ask.

Questions like:

  • What can I expect when I visit your dental clinic for the first time? Or
  • How do I schedule an appointment? Or, 
  • What services do you provide?

… can really help in your quest for a better conversion rate. All are key questions that potential patients want to know, so put yourself in your patient’s shoes and pre-empt what they are likely to ask.  

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Conversion Website Design practices –  Use Images

One of the best conversion website design techniques your dental website can offer is to use quality imagery. 

According to one survey, around 65% of people are classed as visual learners. Therefore people learn and remember best using pictures. Some of the best dental websites that convert utilise both pictures and videos to maximise or optimise their conversion rate

Clear imagery on service and treatment pages of your friendly team, for example, is always a winner as are short simple videos explaining complex dental treatments. Alternatively, how about clear imagery of some of the technology you use. Another way to boost your dental website conversion rate is to include a virtual tour of your dental practice. This encourages people to feel at ease long before they first walk through your door. 

As you can see, conversion website design for dental websites involves a lot of thought and attention. Get this aspect right and you are well on your way to getting the most out of your online real estate.

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