Dentistry is a fiercely competitive industry, and it’s best to use advanced SEO techniques to get your targeted audiences to notice you. However, relying on basic search engine optimisation tactics no longer works since the market is saturated. 

If you wish to drive more organic traffic and conversions on your dental websites, it’s time to up your SEO game and use advanced SEO techniques to gain a competitive advantage. 

But what does that involve?

This blog will address that question by introducing you to 5 advanced SEO techniques that can take your website’s search engine optimisation to the next level. So, let’s get started.  


Upgrade Existing Content

Many website owners upload content once and never look back or reuse or refresh it. While new content can surely bring you more audience, what about the old content? Does it become useless after the new content is uploaded? 

Absolutely not! You can improve and upgrade your existing content to perform better than before. 

But on the other hand, believing that publishing a new piece will take your website right to the top immediately is entirely delusional. 

However, if you choose to upgrade the existing content, you will be able to see quick results – both in terms of traffic and ranking. 

boost dental websites seo techniques mediboost australiaNow you know what you need to do. But how do you do it? Where do you start? 

When you start going through your old content, look for two things: 

  • Performance data provided by Google Search Console
  • Current trends and facts

Then do the following!


Build Out Topic Clusters

Structuring your dental website around topic clusters can benefit your digital presence. But before that, you must have a clear idea about what topic clusters are. 

It sounds like a complex concept, but it is pretty simple. Topic clusters are a group of content ideas (blog titles, eBooks, etc.) based on a central topic. These clusters link to a pillar page to guide your website’s visitors.

Cutting it short, all the content in these clusters is driven by one topic and provides multiple internal linking opportunities to retain readers on your site for a longer time.



Execute A Content Audit And Eliminate Underperforming Content

Make sure there is a purpose to all content present on every single page of your website, and you need to ensure that they are serving their purpose. The content that isn’t serving its purpose either needs to be eliminated or upgraded so that it can’t hold your dental websites back. But how would you do that? Have you ever heard of a content audit?  

It is a great tactic to discover underperforming pages and the content that is holding back the rest of your website. However, you must remember that content audit isn’t supposed to be a one-time thing. You need to perform a content audit from time to time because trends keep changing.

Currently, people don’t realise the importance of running a content audit and pruning duplicate, thin, or low-quality content. Dental websites can significantly benefit from this strategy.

Once you are done auditing your website’s content, here are some actions that you can take: 

  • Keep: If you audit a page and find out that it’s performing, you don’t need to take any actions but keep it the way it is
  • Improve: If your audit suggests that the page isn’t performing so well, you can figure out where it’s lacking then make edits and improvements to help it perform better
  • Merge: The webpages that aren’t performing well, and you don’t see any way to improve them, you can merge them with other two or more pages and form a single page


Find and Fix Keyword Cannibalisation Issues

Keywords cannibalisation is still a new and often misunderstood concept for most people. For example, they confuse it with the optimisation of two or more pages with exact target keywords

People believe that when the same target keywords are used to optimise multiple pages on your website, they fail to rank. However, the truth is quite different.

The strategic way to use keyword cannibalisation is basing it on user intent. When the intent of two or more web pages is different, but the same target keywords are used for them, they can significantly benefit your website’s ranking on search results pages.

You can tell if your website faces these issues through some common signs. All you need to do is pay a little attention. These signs include: 

  • Continuous change in the ranked URLs in the SERPs
  • Fluctuation in Overall SEO ranking
  • You’re having a hard time increasing the ranking position of the target keywords
  • Incorrect URL ranks for a page

After you have identified the keyword cannibalisation issues in your webpage, you can fix them in the following ways:

  • The cannibalised pages should be removed and 301 redirected
  • Re-optimise pages
  • Cannibalised pages are canonicalised (the URL is different to itself)
  • Rework internal linking structures
  • Merge and consolidate pages


Master Internal Linking

One of the most underrated advanced SEO techniques is internal linking. Unfortunately, people usually enrich their websites with new backlinks without realising that the existing ones are already working well enough. 

seo techniques guide mediboost australiaSo instead of acquiring more backlinks, you can work on improving your dental websites’ internal linking based upon its most linked-to pages. Don’t know how to do this? You can use a Backlink Analytics Tool to do that. Open the ‘indexed pages’ tab and select sort by ‘domains.

It will display your website’s most impactful pages from the perspective of links. These are the links with the highest amount of referring domains linking.

This link authority can be redistributed and passed to other related pages on your site. 


Let Mediboost Boost Your Dental Website With Advanced SEO Techniques

Your dental website is part of a competitive industry, so you need to apply advanced SEO techniques to enhance your organic visibility. However, you need professionals to do that for you. At Mediboost, we provide search engine optimisation services to dental websites that can help you rank higher in SERP. 

Our professionals know precisely what your websites need to stand apart from the competition. So get in touch with us by calling on 1300 163 058 today!




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