If you are a dentist involved in dental practice marketing, you are already aware of the importance of your website in attracting new patients. And you know that most dental care consumers look for a clinic like yours online. 

The best dental websites have simple navigation, relevant content, and clear calls to action. Certain non-negotiable website design elements can help attract more patients.

Here are a few key features of web design for dentists.


Ease Of Navigation 

Most people (nearly 94%) believe that the first impression of your site’s web design can make or break your image. Much like any other business, good web design for dentists is crucial.

An essential aspect of this is the ease of navigation. It can be frustrating for patients looking for information to arrive at a website and not find what they were looking for.

People can easily navigate between pages on a well-designed dental website. A header at the top of the page with logical information is a standard structure that prospective patients will recognise and understand.


Mobile Responsive Design 

dental patients market web design sydney mediboostThe best dental practices use responsive designs. Responsive web design, according to Google, makes it easier for patients to share and link to your content while its algorithms correctly assign properties to your pages. According to Google research, most users now conduct internet searches via mobile devices.

Prospective patients can visit your site using several devices, including mobile phones, laptop computers, desktop computers, and tablets. Because responsive dental website design automatically adjusts content to fit these screen sizes, it allows you to provide a positive UX for everyone. Thus, web design for dentists must include mobile responsiveness. 


Voice Optimised Dental Website

While we’re on mobile accessibility, it’s important to note that more than 20% of people now use voice-activated commands to help them with their digital search needs. This is made possible using virtual assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. 

People speak and write in different ways. This is why it is critical to optimise your dental website for keywords and ensure that it can capture voice-driven SEO.



Another aspect of good web design for dentists is adding a personal touch to your dental practice‘s site. Personalisation is essential for making patients feel at ease and safe when considering scheduling an appointment at your dental practice. Today’s technology allows you to personalise your website so that your patients have a unique experience each time they visit.

Dental practices must have personalised dental websites to engage with each customer persona individually and personally.

Another way to improve personalisation is to divide visitors into patients and leads. I believe we can all agree that the info on your dental website piques the interest of prospective patients and their families. Personalised content recognises this distinction and delivers the most relevant content at the right time.



Informative Content

While content may not be the first thing you consider in dental website design, it is critical. Your website’s content tells a story of your dental practice and what you have to offer.

Use headers to separate text and keep sentences short, making content more digestible—present content as a list rather than a giant wall of text.

Spelling and grammar mistakes will make your dental website look unprofessional, so proofread everything with multiple pairs of eyes.  Content free of errors will make your dental website look trustworthy to potential patients.


Clear Calls-To-Action (CTAs)

Your dental website’s ultimate goal should be to convert visitors into clients. Prompts like “Call Us” and “Request an appointment” should be prominently displayed on every webpage.

dentists design web patients sydney mediboostAccording to a HubSpot article, personalised CTAs convert nearly 20% more than default versions. This makes it the cornerstone for good dental website design

Including calls-to-action (CTAs) is critical to help your website’s visitors understand what they need to do next. You can drive them to call you to get an appointment, fill out an online form so you can call them back, or get them to email you to learn more about your practice.

Cover all of your bases so that you can satisfy everyone.


Easy Acess To Analytics 

To make the best decisions for your dental website, you must have all your data in one place. Websites should be improved regularly, and assessing their performance can help you identify how they can be improved. Hosting your dental website along with your CRM and service portals will allow you to understand better how your content interacts with patients.

It will be easier to decide how to modify designs and why your bounce rate is high. You’ll also be able to answer what types of information people find most valuable if your website is hosted on a platform with easy access to analytics.


Improve Your Dental Website Design With Mediboost

The best dental website designs incorporate various website design elements, such as those listed above. These elements improve the appearance and functionality of websites. 

Mediboost specialises in helping dental professionals grow their patient outreach, creating websites that are much more than just glorified brochures for the practices. This involves integrating superior functionality into your site, including online forms, live chat, patient portals, and much more.

Our dental marketing services include but aren’t limited to SEO services and website design and development. Reach out to our experts by calling on 1300 163 058 for more fun design ideas for websites.






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