Time stands still for no one and this is especially true in the world of online dental marketing. What was (not so long ago) the latest marketing essential has now become yesterday’s news. The same goes for the latest in dental website development. Every year seems to bring with it a new set of changes, so if your dental website is over 3 years old, chances are it’s ready for an update.

If you are planning to create a custom dental website that fits right in with today’s consumers, here are 9 website development essentials you really should have.



It wasn’t so long ago when mobile responsive web design was considered cutting-edge. Now with the rapid development of smartphones, having a mobile responsive dental website is absolutely essential. According to one source, nearly 60% of all online searches are carried via smartphone. It’s so important that Google will now actively rank dental websites higher when optimised for mobile devices than when they are not. 

In 2020, your dental practice needs to have a dental website that is mobile responsive. That is without question. 

Voice-optimised SEO

While we’re on the subject of mobile devices, did you know that as of 2019, 48% of all Google searches were voice-activated?

This means that nearly half of all Google searches – that’s around 3.5 billion per day – are carried out using devices like Google’s voice-controlled assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

So how does this affect your dental website development?

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As of 2020, video is already the most consumed digital format. In fact, by 2023 it’s expected that over 80% of all online content consumed will be video orientated. For dental practices at least, video is a great way to connect with people and build trust. 


So what can you make videos about? 

How about…

  • A friendly introduction to yourself or your team
  • A guide to the latest technologies at your dental practice and how they can benefit the patient
  • Simplified explanations of procedures or 
  • Top tips on how to best protect your oral health. 

The good news is that modern technology means that there are some great online tools available that make video production slick, easy, and cost-effective. 



Who doesn’t like a bit of personalised service? Offline companies have been doing it for years. The trick, however, is how to go about recreating this in the online marketing space.  Thankfully, today’s technology allows you to personalise your dental website in such a way that a visitor has a unique experience every time they visit.

Your dental practice will typically have multiple buyer personas depending upon factors like demographics, pain points, trust factors etc. So, wouldn’t it be great if dental website development allowed you to connect with each person individually and personally? If you are looking to update your dental website, then come and talk to us about how we can personalise each visitor experience. 


Live chat  

Live chat is an ideal way for patients to get in touch in a setting that feels comfortable and convenient for them. Live chat is quickly replacing contact forms and allows your team to start a conversation in real-time. A conversation that (along with the right training and handling) could result in a patient for life. 



Branding isn’t just for large conglomerates or multinational companies. Individual dental practices should also look to establish a brand identity that works for them. The right branding is instantly recognisable and has the ability to build trust long before a patient even steps through the door. So when considering your dental marketing plan, consider giving visitors a consistent branding message and feel from one page to the next.   



When patients enter into email communication with your clinic it pays to respond quickly. While it might not always be possible for your dental team or administrative staff to reply in real-time, email automation gives patients an instant initiated response. This, in turn, gives you the time you need to finish what tasks need to be completed before you get back to them at your earliest convenience.

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Instant access to analytics

When it comes to dental marketing, many of the decisions you make will be data-driven. The most effective websites, for example, are ones that are continually updated and improved, based on their analytical performance. 

For this reason, it pays to ensure your dental website is hosted alongside your customer relationship management (CRM) software and service portals to get immediate and better insight into how your content is interacting with potential patients.

When your website has easy access to analytics, it becomes simple for you to see exactly why people are bouncing off your pages or alternatively, what types of information people are finding most valuable when they find your dental practice online. Either way, having one concise overview, allows you to adjust or repeat accordingly. 



Blogging has been around in one form or another since the birth of the internet, but far from being a washed-up old has-been, it remains as relevant now as it ever was.

Blogging remains a tool that helps position your dental practice as the go-to clinic in your area. In addition, it can also place you as an authority figure on a particular treatment or service and for these reasons at least, it should be a quintessential part of your dental website development plans.

A good blog focuses on creating valuable and helpful content that attracts patients to your website without coming across like a sales pitch. In dentistry particularly, it can help to build trust by presenting your practice in a favourable light, while answering questions or delivering key information in a way that is both patient-friendly and non-intimidating. 

Finally, Google loves great content, so regular monthly blogging also helps to improve your SEO.     


As a medical marketing agency, we understand exactly what your visitors are looking for. So you can rest assured that we will implement an effective dental website development plan that connects them with you.   

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