Cosmetic Surgery SEO

Get ahead of your competition in this growing cosmetic industry. Increase your surgery numbers and sales. A killer marketing strategy is fine-tuned to hit the right buttons of your audience to have them book in with you.

Cosmetic Surgery SEO

Get ahead of your competition in this growing cosmetic industry. Increase your surgery numbers and sales. A killer marketing strategy is fine-tuned to hit the right buttons of your audience to have them book in with you.

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Is Your Cosmetic Surgery Website Bringing You New Clients?

Your cosmetic surgery website is one of the best marketing tools you have. Many prospective clients head to the internet during the day and night to research procedures, costs and surgeon recommendations. This means while you are sleeping, vacationing or working, your website is busy generating new clients….or should be.

With the rise in demand for cosmetic surgery around the world and “cosmetic surgery tourism”, it is now a major driver to improve gross domestic profit in struggling areas and can be painful to watch your own plastic surgeon business stagnate or flounder.

Do you need more growth
in your clinic?

If the answer is a firm ‘yes’, then this is the time to get creative. What would it feel like to have a plastic surgery marketing website that generates a steady stream of new incoming plastic surgeon inquiry calls – not just a few here and there, but 20, 40, 100 new calls a month?

This goal is within your reach.

But it won’t happen until you have a website that is working on your behalf. Otherwise, prospective clients may be searching the internet right now for “cosmetic surgeons near me” and your website still won’t show up in their search results.

Mediboost’s Patient Growth
SEO Services

Medical SEO services with Mediboost begin with a strategy session in which we learn about your core services, study your competition and analyse the search engine volume of prospective patients looking for a medical website like yours. Through our analysis, we can calculate the number of new patients that our work will generate for you and estimate the return you’ll receive from your investment.

Are you too busy to meet us in person? No problem. We can also use teleconference software to discuss your medical marketing strategy remotely.

Trusted by leading medical practices

Step on board with the 100+ happy medical practices across Australia who have already partnered with Mediboost.

Dr Jack Yang

Dentist & Owner, Infinity Dental Care

“We have worked with a fair few agencies in the past however none were able to achieve the results that Mediboost have gotten for us. Both SEO and Google ads campaign have been very successful. We wish we had met these guys earlier. If you are considering trying another company apart from Mediboost, don’t waste your time. Give these guys a go first.”

Dr Sejal Rai

Dentist & Owner, Dentistry on Solent

“With Mediboost, there’s a lot of communication and follow ups that we didn’t get with the big corporate companies.. in a month we saw 30-35 new patients and increase in revenue of about 30%… it’s taken a big part of stress away from me. They’ve done really well for me, I wouldn’t mind giving them more business.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you make the most-informed decision, below are some common questions dentists ask us. You have other questions? Just book a call with us today.

Why is it important to work with a medical focused agency?
Most Big Box Marketing Companies Don’t “Get” Cosmetic Surgeon SEO

Truth: most marketing companies are generalists. This means they endeavour to cast the widest possible net and then work with any clients that net reels in, whether they know anything about the clients’ industries or not.

Have you ever tried to learn a new skill on the fly? Whether it was hitting a golf ball straightaway down the course or fixing a leaky faucet, you probably spent a lot of extra time and effort and still only got mediocre results.

This is how we learn. But you don’t want to hire a digital marketing agency to do your plastic surgery SEO who is learning your industry starting on the day you hire them. That is a recipe for mediocrity at best and for great disappointment at its worst.

It is also a waste of your precious and valuable marketing budget and far less than your own skill, education and hard work deserves.

How do you track results of the campaign?
When you choose us to oversee your plastic surgery marketing needs, you will receive new patient calls that are tracked and monthly performance reports detailing the results of the marketing.

As a busy plastic surgeon, you shouldn’t have to track us down when you have questions or ideas. You will get a dedicated project manager who will be available to you as well as a consultant.

What to expect when we work with you?
First we will start by doing a thorough analysis of your online presence, your website, present or past marketing, local competition and your goals. Next, we use this data to create a marketing strategy for your practice that will generate new patient enquiries within a six month time frame.

We then meet with you in person or via teleconference to discuss our recommendations for rolling out your new cosmetic surgery marketing program.

With the green light from you, we begin to roll out your plastic surgery marketing campaign in conjunction with cosmetic surgery ads that are SEO-optimised to improve your search results ranking.

Every month for the duration of your campaign , we invite to meet up to discuss the results-to-date of your plastic surgery marketing campaign.

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