Chiropractic SEO

Crush your competition in the Chiropractic industry. Generate new patients and sales. Get the exposure you need so prospective patients can find you.

Chiropractic SEO

Crush your competition in the Chiropractic industry. Generate new patients and sales. Get the exposure you need so prospective patients can find you.

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How much exposure does your Chiropractic clinic have online?

When a prospective patient goes online to look for a chiropractic clinic in your suburb or nearby suburbs, is your practice on the top of the first page in the search results? Do you think these searchers can easily find you and make an appointment? If your answer is “I’m not sure” or “no” but you desire to fill your half-booked schedule up, please read on!

So let’s talk about chiropractor SEO for your website. What is it, who does it and what can it do for your practice? Chiropractic SEO is a specialised niche within the greater field of healthcare marketing. Did you know that nearly three-quarters of consumers head to the internet to do research before they pick up the phone or visit a location in person? If the information a prospective patient is seeking is not on the first page of the first website they visit, they will leave and visit a different website.

Why does our Chiropractic Marketing plan work?

In the past, did you hire a large marketing agency to create your website and market your practice through chiropractic SEO? Are you happy with the traffic your website is generating and the number of new patient calls you receive each month? Our clients typically find Mediboost after they have already been disappointed by unkept promises made by other, larger marketing agencies.

The truth is, the typical marketing agency business model doesn’t include specialised niche knowledge of the healthcare field. These giant marketing companies cast a wide net and hope to reel in a large “catch” of clients. Then they apply the same general marketing analysis and strategy to each client regardless of their business or client needs. This doesn’t work in the healthcare industry where patients are seeking very specific types of information and care.
Mediboost’s chiropractic SEO marketing is different because healthcare is our only industry.

Mediboost’s Patient Growth
SEO Services

Medical SEO services with Mediboost begin with a strategy session in which we learn about your core services, study your competition and analyse the search engine volume of prospective patients looking for a medical website like yours. Through our analysis, we can calculate the number of new patients that our work will generate for you and estimate the return you’ll receive from your investment.

Are you too busy to meet us in person? No problem. We can also use teleconference software to discuss your medical marketing strategy remotely.

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Cecilia So

Dental Surgeon, Surgical Dental Services

“We engaged Mediboost because we wanted to reclaim our online presence so our referred patients/new patients/existing patients could easily find us in Google. The Mediboost team came up with a proposed plan and we followed their advice which enabled us to achieve our goal in the expected time frame. Thanks Mediboost Team!”

Dr Elizabeth Ng

Principal Dentist, Our Dental Care

“I started working with Mediboost since the start of my new practice in Drummoyne with zero new patients. They have been with us every step of the way, and have given me confidence that there will always be patients walking through the door. Even during COVID, we have been busy with new patients. They know what dentists need and how to execute marketing to make your practice a success. If you are looking at ways to grow your practice, definitely don’t forget to schedule a call with Mediboost!”

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